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Which Joker do you like better, the Joker in the Arkham games or the Jack Nicholson's Joker?

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Heath Ledger's Joker is best imo, followed closely by Mark Hamill's version. I suppose that means my vote goes to the Arkham games even though I've never played them.

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I like Hamil's version, Troy Baker not so much. I was a big fan of Nicholson until I saw the Ledger version, it just seemed to click a little bit better (but I think that's because its a little more lore-friendly to Killing Joke etc.)

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I love all three.

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Nicholson. No one even comes close.

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i cant say i was ever into comics, that said, i dont think anyone has gotten the joker right yet. ledger's commitment and respect for the character should never be made light of, however, the idea of him still eludes those who have tried on the persona thus far.

referencing ledger's joker in the flick, he was a mad dog chasing a car without knowing what could happen if he caught one, but, contradicting himself, through out the thing his intentions and deeds were always very planned, careful, patient, and complex. the joker very well might do those things from that movie, someone like the joker wouldnt hold them in the same way though. a real joker wouldnt go about reaching for disruption, chaos, or even proving a point, and wouldnt do so madly. someone like the joker would go about it like they couldnt help themselves, there would always have to be a punch line, he wouldnt care about how people saw him, just the greatness of the thing he was doing. he wouldnt run around cackling and laughing either. if anything, more than not, he would crack like people do when they are trying not to laugh. always with an expression as if saying to himself 'they are going to love this.' its surprising to me that none that have depicted him have taken from this. there are so many in the world like that. everyone knows a crass bastard who always goes for a punchline even if its not remotely funny. arguably every troll on the internets is more like the joker than jokers that have had boxes to stand on tall enough to be seen.

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with some added face damage, like in arkam city, in interest of the continuity of his origins.

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I like that Mark Hamill Joker. But I feel that as his voice ages, I could see that his Arkham City Joker is clearly dying of Titan poisoning. Still, it's kind of moving... :( As for the Jeff Bennett Joker of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, well...

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Mark Hamill in the Animated Series, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City. <3