Joan Rivers has passed away.

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Joan Rivers -- who made the world laugh for over 50 years with her jokes, put-downs and one-liners -- has died in NYC ... a week after her heart suddenly stopped beating during vocal chord surgery.

She was 81.

Joan's daughter Melissa Rivers took her mom off life support so she could pass comfortably in a private room.

It's a bit saddening to hear this news since she was one of my favorite comedians.


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One of the only woman comedians who could make me laugh.

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Damn, RIP in peace. Last few weeks and months have taken so much talent away from us.

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Never found her to be funny. Actually rather annoying. Nonetheless, RIP.

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Rest in peace

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@SaintLeonidas: yea the only thing I know her from is all the celeb talk gossip and red carpet stuff I had no interest in. My wife likes to watch fashion police she was in.

RIP though never woulda thought she was 81

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looks like karma came back on her

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Bad year for celebrities. I never liked her work much because of how plastic she was, but I did respect her for the icon she was.

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She was a real bitch (angry and hateful) but RIP.

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Honestly, I was really hoping she might make it out of that Coma but hearing this is really sad news to Joan Rivers that she pass away.

R.I.P Joan Rivers and my Condolences to the Family.

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Personally, I don't like her as much, I thought she was quite annoying, and I didn't think she was funny at all.

But nonetheless, RIP.

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wasn't a big fan as her heyday was before i was born but RIP nonetheless

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Fare thee well Miss Rivers, you made people happy in your life. We should cherish comedians far more often than we do.

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I love how some of the thin-skinned PC types are practically celebrating her death.

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R.I.P. A lot of good people died this year...

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I only hate her because her face looks absolutely disgusting.

I'm that's the only thing that won't decompose.

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R.I.P ...

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@Flubbbs said:

looks like karma came back on her

how? and she was 81, long life.

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She was a cunt, but I didn't want her to die. RIP.

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@fred_flatulence said:


I love how some of the thin-skinned PC types are practically celebrating her death.

Some people seem to have taken her persona seriously as they do with Ricky Gervais. Unable to distinguish reality.

Joan Rivers was supposedly an actually a fairly introvert personality when not on stage. I was watching Ruby Wax on BBC this morning and she was actually getting quite pissed off the interviewer pretending he knew her simply from her acts. Very interesting.

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May the Good Lord rest her soul.Rest in Peace Miss.Rivers

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@ps4hasnogames said:

@Flubbbs said:

looks like karma came back on her

how? and she was 81, long life.

maybe cause she just said last month that the all of the Palestinians deserve to die

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Damn, that came out of nowhere. Such a shame