ITT: Things you did as a child that got you into trouble later.

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So I was talking to my father tonight, and we somehow got to the subject of our elementary school years. I brought up how a friend and I overflowed a toilet next to the office once. He didn't enjoy it.



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I did plenty of questionable things but I never allowed myself to be caught.

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I got caught with a crap load of condoms, not in trouble, but embarrassing as hell.
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I broke a wooden ox figure at my grans house and tossed it behind the tv, they found it like a year later lol
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I did plenty of questionable things but I never allowed myself to be caught.

same; which is surprising.
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Can't think of anything that had repercussions after around the time that it happened. Regarding the younger years.
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Anyone been getting a forum down for maintenance message after they post?
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when i told my mother that i used go to the secret Santa hiding spot and open the Christmas presets with a razor blade took the video games out of the case and re wrap them lol


told her that was i was 20. She laughed her ass off... Then she smacked in the back of the head.

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Used to argue with this one girl all the time. Stupid stuff, just because we hated each other.

So I walk into a bank to get my first loan...

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I climbed a tree and got screamed at afterwards.

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I used to steal kids lunches...They never found out it was me.
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I used to disorganize stuff at supermarkets. I also used to tell my younger neighbors that I could teleport and they believed me. It was hilarious. Finally, I trained my eight year old nephew to run into the dining room while my entire family was eating and start cursing in Spanish. Never got in trouble for any of it. Great times.
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I decided to go home with my friend one day (with his aunt/uncle, not quite sure). I had no need to though, because my parents designated a driver to pick me up from school. Long story short, that little 'trip' I took with my friend ended up being roundabout as sh*t. Pretty much everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong. In that same timeframe, the driver contacted my mom and told her that he couldn't find me, at which point she understandably started to fret like crazy (but hey I wanted to chill with my friend, not like I cared about that). I eventually made it home to find my mother terrified, in tears and quite angry. She was about to give me the beating of a lifetime, but luckily my dad came just in time to save my ass. I was quite lucky that day.