Is your family into gaming? (is your dad cool?:P)

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So, to be honest my family is not really into gaming, I'm basicaly the only member that is playing video games. Only times I remember them playing something is during NES era when they bought me one, I'd play sometimes Super Mario and Tanks with my mom and sis while my dad enjoyed more Space Invaders and Bomberman.

So tell us, after so many years, do your parents still play video or tabletop games? Are they still into the "geeky" stuff?

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Matter of fact no,my family's an all-business,yet the game that was used for my family enjoyment was either Wii Sports/Fit,last used in 2011.

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Outside of Tetris and Dr. Mario my mother had nothing to do with games and my dad not only wanted nothing to do with them he frequently encouraged me to give them up. My wife plays puzzle games and platformers and my daughter plays platformers as well.

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My mom doesn't like to play video games. However, my dad loves Mario Kart 64 and Space Invaders for N64.

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my father bought an atari 2600 before i was born and had many pc w/ games before i was really able to play them so yes. though given my parents are older now they do no play much unless it's some wii games w/ their grandchildren

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Three out of five of my siblings are gamers. My dad got me into gaming when I was little. I don't know if he still plays. Its great to share a hobby tho, especially if you're still living together.

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My dad occasionally plays games, but it was my older brother that got really me into gaming when I was younger. He ended up "growing out" of games by the time he reached his 20s though, and doesn't actually own a console now.

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My dad is in his 60's. He will play a game if I was to asked him to if he was at my house. My mom doesn't play games. Me, my girl, and our kids all play games. My girl has her own PC and I have mine and we play games together and we all game together on PS3.

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My mother is not a big fan of video games, although she enjoys playing Mario games usually on the DS but that's it. My father on the other hand, has no interest in video games. I tried convincing him to play a game with me and that it would be fun but it didn't work.

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My parents never like that I spent most of my day in front of the tv playing games even though they would be the ones to purchase the games. Even now that I have been living on my own for about 6 years they still don't like that fact that I'm "a grown, married man that still plays games". Maybe they thought it was some sort of phase. At least my wife is supportive... to some extent.

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No, but my brothers likes to play pc games. He had both Xbox 360 and PS3 at one time or another but trade both in. Waste of money.

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Not really.

last time my mom played a game, was when we did that Guardian Legend marathon at my grandmas house a fw years ago. we spent about all weekend taking turns trying to beat the game. we did.

last time my dad played a video game was GTA V. he got into a police chase, and even evaded while in a semi.

My sister is a gamer.. recently we have been playing L4D2. We splitscreen and own. we take alot of people by surprise, as pretty much all splitscreeners in that game are absolutely horrible.

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Fuck no............

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I am the dad (with 2 kids, 6 and 18) and I game when there's time to spare.

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My sister plays mario and zelda.

My mom used to play NES games.

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My brother is a pretty big gamer like myself and my dad has been playing nothing but FIFA soccer since fucking '93 on the Genesis. He's 51 now and he still fires up his PS3 a couple of nights a month to play FIFA.

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My dad hates them. Well, he was actually amazed when me and my brother started playing Super Mario 64. He was amazed how far videogames had come since Pong. I think that was the only time he played it. But he pretty much started hating them when I got an Xbox and Xbox 360 since I started playing more shooting games and I think he was really irritated when he saw me playing Oblivion. After seeing me stab someone for the umpteenth time with a sword, I think he was just like, "Oh, that's great". To be honest, I may be growing out of them (23 years old). I think it's a combination of games being repetitive these days and lack of originality and just getting older. I just wish we had more platform games like Mario and Banjo Kazooie. I really miss my Nintendo 64.

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One of my sisters enjoys platformers, and my Mum likes puzzlers on the IPad.

And yes, my Dad is cool. A little cranky however.

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Not really but when i was a kid i made my dad play games with me and explain them to me.(didn't know english)

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Well, most of my cousins are into gaming, except one half of them are TOO into it (like, on a mindless drone/addiction level), and the other half LIKE games, but aren't really hardcore with it.

90% of the adults in my family think video games are wastes of time/unnecessary/creating a generation of psychopaths.

So really.....i'm the only true hardcore gamer in my family.

And.....on a sentimental level, my Dad can be pretty cool. But...that's pretty much it :P he is kind of a redneck sometimes, and pretty moody.

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No there not into gaming.

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My dad plays a few FPSes on PC and my sister plays all sorts of games on her 3DS.

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My step dad things games are for immature people. He's pretty immature so it's rich hearing it from him.

My mom, well... she just can't get into them.

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Way back when my parents bought me a nintendo for christmas and thats when my addiction started. My parents never gave gaming a chance and don't like, I think they also regret it for how much time I spend playing games haha

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I'm the only one plays videogame to the core, the rest of my siblings are from casual to ultra casual gamer. .... only my nephew and nieces plays game with me.

and my Dad can't event start a computer, he's from the elvis presley year

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Just me and my brother. My parents still think gaming is only for kids and that I should quit. Not that I'm planning to do so, of course.

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My mum still calls my wii a "nintendo"

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My dad is ace to be fair, he loves the hell out of the Resident Evil series and particularly 3 and 4 - He'll replay them hundreds of times, he rages when he gets killed and he swears/shouts amazing quotes when *Bullsh-* happens haha!

Gotta love him o/

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My brother was a big gamer in the early 2000's, not so much nowadays though. My father really enjoyed the Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge for the NES back in the day.

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Nice, well in a way that makes sense cause back then when our parents were actually young, not many had access to computers or video games, thus their whole idea about gaming is biased blah blah etc.

However I'm wondering about the younger generation parents that has been into gaming since they were kids, do they still tend to play video games with their kids today or maybe they still enjoy playing those nice RPGs alone? Sure we'll find some parents here on the forums to tell us.

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Most of my family would only play Wii Sports during Christmas/New Year but that's about it

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I don't think my parents have ever played video games. My brother, who used to be a hardcore gamer, still plays games from time to time.

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Not any more after my Dad had a bad spell getting addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega MegaDrive when i was a kid. It adversely affected his sleeping patterns for a while so i don't think he wants to get into games again lol

He'll play space invaders and pac man if it's on offer with me and he's happy jumping on the mic in singstar and guitar hero.

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My brother is gaming a lot,even more than me.

My mum never plays video games.

My dad isn't a gamer or anything,but he plays racing games and command&conquer from time to time(once per week).

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No they do not, and they don't like me playing the vidya, which sucks for them.

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My bro is a hard core gamer like me.My dad was more of a watcher and less of a gamer.I remember that he would watch us play Silent Hill and give us ideas for the puzzles.In Silent Hill there was a certain chained door behind which was a ladder leading down to the sewers.The door would open only with close combat weapons like an axe or a stick.It was old dad's idea to hit the chain open with the stick.

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Dad plays: old retro games (outrun, space invaders, ghosts n' goblins, golden axe), candy crush, bejeweled and solitaire
Mom plays: candy crush
Sister plays: candy crush, beat'em ups (mortal kombat, tekken), little big planet
Brother plays: anything
Grandma plays: candy crush
Uncle plays: candy crush, medal of honor, warcraft, might and magic
One of my female cousins plays: anything that is on Wii
Brother-in-law: candy crush, counter-strike

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My Mom has been playing Dragon Age Origins for the past few weeks, and loves it. She previously just finished playing Lost Odyssey as well. She seems to love Rpg's. My dad on the other hand never really cared much for them, though he seems to play a lot of facebook games(Songpop, and the terrible games), but that really isn't the same at all. Actually my dad played the crap out of the first Mario bros on the NES, and when he finished it, it pissed him off, because it just started over again(albeit a bit harder), since then he hasn't really played many games, though when I was a kid My dad and I played quite a bit of Goldeneye on N64.

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Yeah kind of.

My dad loved gaming it seems, he would sometimes play LoZ on my NES when I was not home, or didd'nt use it, kind of liked FPS games ,despite not being good at them, and RTS games, We used to play CoH on evenings untill he died.

My mom always was a fantasy fanatic of sorts, generally lokes RPGs and most games with puzzles, I think she is still playing skyrim and wishing it was NWN2 by the sounds of it.

My sister does not play games, not really her thing. Everyone in her Family (married with children) does play games, mostly minecraft and Terreria by the sound of it).

So yeah, I think my Family was/are pretty cool, atleast gaming wise. I only know my sister WHO does not play games in my extended Family either, all cousins play, thier Family too seems to.

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My brother play games. My dad use to, but since he started his business he doesn't have time. My mom games but it is mostly causal.

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My brother is. My parents aren't at all.

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Yes. My dad enjoys playing games, especially on PC. Because his job requires him to travel to different countries constantly, I got him a powerful gaming laptop for his birthday. Some of his favorite games are Crysis, Metro and Diablo. He even beat Dark Souls, the game I gave up on after dying for like a millionth time.

As for the rest of my family, no. They're not into games. They blame me sometimes for turning dad into a gamer.