is it okay to drink expired bud light?

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i found an unopen bud light in my backyard, it expired at april 25 2012, is it okay to drink it?

#2 Posted by toast_burner (22614 posts) -

Bud light is terrible even when in date.

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Is it an expiry date or best before date? Because as far as I know, alcohol doesn't go bad.

Also, why the hell would you want to drink it? Are you 12 and this be baby's first beer? Toss it and buy fresh.

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@foxhound_fox: ill drink it then

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Older the beer the better..

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@kristy52 said:

Why don't you buy one instead..?

becuz i wnat to see what 2 year old beer taste like

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@toast_burner said:

Bud light is terrible even when in date.

This. Bud Light is "headache beer".

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It's never okay to drink Bud...light or otherwise.

But it won't hurt you to drink it.

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Open it. if it looks like beer and don't smell funny give it a shot.

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Try it, what's the worst that could happen.

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that piss water is never ok to drink no matter what the date.

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only one way to find out, pop one open and taste it, about the only thing I can think of that would go wrong is that it'd lose it's carbonation

anyhow, maybe it's a prank, maybe someone pissed in them, carefully put the cap back on, and left them out for someone to find

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I wouldn't do it. Why not just go buy a good beer?

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Give it to those less fortunate. Drop by the local homeless shelter and give it to the first person you see, they'll thank you for it.

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I'd try it just to try it. I don't believe alcohol goes bad.

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@toast_burner said:

Bud light is terrible even when in date.

This. This. This. This. This. This.

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You might want to actually buy some beer first

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2012 was a great year.

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I honestly did not see the word "expired" when I read the topic title. Still came to say no.