Is Family Guy one of the worst shows on television?

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I think it is. The first three seasons were pretty good, but after that, it was a nosedive into season 4, and hasn't come back since. What are your thoughts?

#2 Posted by themajormayor (24202 posts) -

Well, one thing is for sure, it was never even close to being one of the best. But I'm not sure it's one of the worst considering all the crap that exists.

#3 Posted by CountBleck12 (4144 posts) -

Yeah, it's a show that's suppose to be funny but it isn't. It sucks.

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I still like it.

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it has it's moments

#6 Posted by MWright469 (168 posts) -

Yes, it sucks. Very much so.

#7 Posted by Master_Live (15794 posts) -

I like it.

#8 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (9351 posts) -

It's one of the best. Very entertaining show.

#9 Posted by TheGromble (13 posts) -

It's not that bad but after season 6 it started going downhill but some of the recent episodes aren't that bad.

#10 Posted by the_plan_man (1664 posts) -

@speedfreak48t5p said:

It's one of the best. Very entertaining show.

Right up there with the greats like the new Two and a Half Men.

#11 Posted by Ariabed (1528 posts) -

@the_plan_man: your kidding right? The new two and a half men sucks big salty ball bags.

#12 Posted by the_plan_man (1664 posts) -

@ariabed said:

@the_plan_man: your kidding right? The new two and a half men sucks big salty ball bags.

That was my point. You missed the sarcasm somewhere.

#13 Posted by resevl4rlz (3282 posts) -

its funny than the clevand show

#14 Posted by Ariabed (1528 posts) -

@the_plan_man: just checking

#15 Posted by the_plan_man (1664 posts) -

@resevl4rlz said:

its funny than the clevand show

That show was terrible.

#16 Posted by janeswife (10 posts) -

Yup, I can't stand the program myself!

#17 Posted by bowchicka07 (1104 posts) -

Gets old. I like the movies though.

#18 Posted by Brain_Duster (473 posts) -

I thought the first season was pretty funny but there was a noticeable drop in quality between seasons 1 and 2.

Now it's just terrible.

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it is as funny as any other comedy on network television, which is to say not very...unless you have pot.

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Like American Dad better, the cut away gags on Family guy ran stale for me after the first couple of seasons.

#21 Posted by CrimsonBrute (24003 posts) -

Not at all. It's plateaued for the last few seasons but it's still better than the second half of The Simpsons' series run.

#22 Posted by ad1x2 (5789 posts) -

Family Guy can be funny when they want to. One of the issues that hit the show is when Seth MacFarlane decided to use the show to push his political beliefs rather than just taking the safe route and making fun of everybody.

#23 Posted by turtlethetaffer (17180 posts) -

No it can be pretty funny from what I've seen. Even some of the newer ones. And there's no way in hell it can be the worst when shows like Toddlers in Tiaras exist.

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I feel like hating on Family Guy is a new thing.

But yeah, I like the series, although this season has probably been the worst yet, lately it's been hit or miss

#25 Posted by Aljosa23 (25905 posts) -

Considering it's been relevant for 10 years or so, I have to say no.

#26 Edited by lamprey263 (25415 posts) -

it can be pretty funny, off and on, I just don't find myself watching it that much anymore

my friend is a big Family Guy fan, I always trust him when I visit to show me the best of what I missed

anyhow, there's South Park haters, Family Guy haters, The Big Bang Theory haters, some people just hate good stuff

#27 Posted by Skyz_ (56 posts) -

It's gone downhill that's for sure, but it wouldn't say it's one of the worst shows out there.

#28 Posted by Hallenbeck77 (14598 posts) -

@resevl4rlz said:

its funny than the clevand show

To be fair, root canals were funnier than The Cleveland Show. There's a reason they pulled the plug on it.

#29 Posted by IMAHAPYHIPPO (2730 posts) -

@ariabed said:

@the_plan_man: your kidding right? The new two and a half men sucks big salty ball bags.

To be fair, the old Two and a Half Men is terrible, as well.

#30 Posted by RoccoHout (1010 posts) -

I never got into this show. The jokes, characterisation and animation are so incredibly lazy... just seems like stuff a 12 year old would like

#31 Posted by uninspiredcup (12403 posts) -

Hit in miss. Seth Macfarlane doesn't seem to understand subtlety or pacing. It's still a funny show imo.

Better than what the Simpsons has morphed into in recent years.

#32 Posted by Ariabed (1528 posts) -

@IMAHAPYHIPPO: what didn't you like about it my good sir?

#33 Posted by IMAHAPYHIPPO (2730 posts) -

@ariabed: It's just mediocre. To be fair, I work in the industry and understand the structure of TV shows better than most, so I'm much more difficult to please when it comes to watching a show.

#34 Edited by Ariabed (1528 posts) -

@IMAHAPYHIPPO: I actually quite like it it's almost a laugh a minute, the whole scenario of the show is just funny two brothers who are totally opposite to each other living together makes for some good laughs. Anyway each to their own. Just to mention I also like Seinfeld, frasier, curb your enthusiasm, everybody lives Raymond, Big Bang theory fresh prince of bel air.

#35 Posted by 4myAmuzumament (1791 posts) -

@RoccoHout said:

I never got into this show. The jokes, characterisation and animation are so incredibly lazy... just seems like stuff a 12 year old would like

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Much prefer American Dad, hated the first few episodes but then really started to love it.

Roger is an absolutely fantastic character. Not to mention having a character that loves to dress up as other characters is a fantastic plot device.

#37 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (34289 posts) -

The first few seasons of Family Guy were great. After that it did get worse though. It didn't necessairly lose the humor and there could still be funny moments and all, but some of the way they altered characters, rehashed certain jokes, and the more it started to focus more on being McFarlene's way to plug his politic beliefs in, the more excruciating it could become to watch inbetween the actually funny and amusing parts.

#38 Posted by The_Mancunian (20 posts) -

It's definitely NOT the worst show on Television. There's tons of crap out there, most of which is on the Disney channel, but I much prefer American Dad.

#39 Posted by GamingGod999 (3134 posts) -

You clearly haven't seen Splash! if you believe that Family Guy is the worst show on TV.

#40 Posted by jimkabrhel (15428 posts) -

It's not great, but you can get a few chuckles out of it. It's gone on FAR too long.

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@GamingGod999 said:

You clearly haven't seen Splash! if you believe that Family Guy is the worst show on TV.

ITV in general. Take me out. Britians Got Talent.

The chase is about the redeeming thing on that channel, Fucking great show.

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#42 Posted by adamosmaki (9800 posts) -

Was ok the first couple of seasons. Stopped watching from season 3. I like Futurama and Southpark alot more ( though those last 2-3 southpark seasons also pale in comparison with older seasons )

#43 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (16062 posts) -

Yeah, it stopped being funny a long time ago.

#44 Posted by Lucky_Krystal (1390 posts) -

Its not bad or the worst show on television but I no longer enjoy it like I used to. Its "we so edgy and funny, we make offensive jabs at everyone" schtick just got old.

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Just posted this for some friends on my fb, this show hasn't been good in years. I miss the humor from the earlier seasons, not the Seth MacFarlane forced political crap. Its just not funny anymore and it feels like a chore watching it.

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man did this show ever get incredibly popular to hate on.

I find it to be quite amusing on occasion. Much like South Park it's not always a hit, but it gets a few good episodes every season.

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Nope, the exact opposite

#48 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (17721 posts) -

It certainly has gone downhill but it is FAR from one of the worst shows on TV...

#49 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3804 posts) -

I love the show. What DO you guys like? It seems like you all hate everything.

#50 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

Flimshaw! It's stupid, crass crap and that's why I love it.