Is a Name considered a Word?

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#1 Posted by MasterKingMP (1738 posts) -

For instance, is the name John also a word? And if not, than what about Karate. Karate is the name of a form of Martial Arts, so is it a word? Or are names considered words?

#2 Posted by mindstorm (15250 posts) -
Being that they are not made up of letters and cannot be used within a coherent sentence, I'm going to go with no. I kid. Yes, yes they are.
#3 Posted by dragon7x2k (3695 posts) -
They are words just not in scrabble.
#4 Posted by D_Battery (2478 posts) -
Depends what you consider a word to be. :D
#5 Posted by iamdanthaman (2498 posts) -
Ground is the name of that thing you are standing on, is that a word?
#7 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

Yes they are words.

#8 Posted by th3warr1or (20641 posts) -
Dude, all words are names of something.