In U.S., 40% Get Less Than Recommended Amount of Sleep.

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Hours of sleep similar to recent decades, but much lower than in 1942

OT, do you get enough sleep? I do.

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I get as much sleep as I feel that I need.

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I get in bed at 11 (usually) and get 7 hours minimum, and often 7 and a half. Come to think of it I could probably use a full 8 hours tonight.

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Depends on the days. I work 3 days a week at the moment.

When I don't work the next day, I sleep about 7 and a half hours, which is enough for me.

When I work the next day, I sleep between 6 and 6 and a half hours. Tired enough to brush my teeth on my bed.

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Man, those people in 1942 sure had time to sleep.

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I sleep around 7-8 hours each night M-F and maybe 9-10 hours on the weekends.

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If you sleep more than an hour each night, you're a lazy and unproductive fuck.

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According to my doctor, seven hours is more than enough sleep until you reach about 35. I need at least eight or I'm a zombie in the morning, though.

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work + life = no more then 5 hours

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Rapid eye movement sleep is the only thing that matters - not an abundance of sleep.

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@Master_Live said:

Man, those people in 1942 sure had time to sleep.

It's probably due to the fact they probably started their day around 5am, and ended it at 7pm.

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If I skip my 8 hours a day, My body will force me to make up the time.

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On weekends, I often get 9+ hours of sleep, but during the work week its usually less. Maybe 6-7 hours a night. Sometimes I'm just working too hard, but usually its just because I stay up too late on the internet. Most of the time I'm not even doing anything, but you can easily lose an hour to Wikipedia if you aren't careful. It's something I've got to work on.