If Your Favorite Actor/actress Died..

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Think about your favorite actor/actress for a secound and remember all those years watching them and possibly developing character traits like them and suddenly have them pass away.

How would you react? would it even effect you? We all handle emotions like this differently.

  1. Who is the actor/actress?
  2. How would you feel if they passed away?
  3. What was it that made you like them so much?
  4. Any special moments you can remember them for? (movie/TV episodes)

Personally, My favorite actor has always been Patrick Stewart , notably from his star trek years. I can genuinely say that if/when that man leaves us I will be very very sad that day. I think it will remind me that I'm getting older and that we all have our time. Most importantly though, it will remind me of how wonderful that time period was when Star Trek TNG was on the air.

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I don't think I have a favourite actor/actress but other than the initial "Damn...that sucks" reaction I have whenever I hear somebody passed away I probably wouldn't think much of it...after all, I didn't know them personally.

My wife's favourite actor is Patrick Steward as well =)

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My favorite actor is Tom Cruise. I absolutely loved him in movies such as Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Collateral and Last Samurai.

I don't think I'd get depressed if he were to die but I would be kinda sad and reminiscing of the past when I first watched his movies.

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my fav already died David Caridine....he died by hanging himself while rubbing one out in thailand.

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My fav actor is Al Pacino, it would be shame to see him departed, a big shame.As I mentioned before in another thread,he's stuck in my mind and heart, as Francis "Lionel" ,a very young father who went catatonic when he heard his son whom he waited 5 years to see, was stillborn.Also his line "You know something? I think you're gonna be real sorry when you find out I didn't do anything.That it wasn't my fault.Real sorry" in the same movie brings tears to my eyes.It easily reminds me of a certain horrible experience that I had , which eventually lead to me being misjudged, and the misjudgment soon after lead to depression.

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Mine is Pacino, I would be truly sad and maybe do a movie marathon in his honor but lets be honest, he hasn't produce anything groundbreaking in a while.

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While he's not even close to being my favourite actor, for some reason, it's very hard for me to wrap my head around the concept of Harrison Ford dying and I hope that somehow he magically never does.

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1. Kurt Russell

2. I'd be surprised, but wouldn't lose any sleep over it

3. He just seems like a nice guy and every part he's ever played, he's played it well.

4. His role as Dean Prophet in Overboard. Classic movie with so many good moments. I also liked his acting in Breakdown.