If you were a Jedi, what color would your lightsaber be?

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Poll: If you were a Jedi, what color would your lightsaber be? (51 votes)

Blue 12%
Green 12%
Red 10%
Yellow 10%
Purple 16%
Silver 16%
Orange 10%
Pink 6%
Other color not listed 10%

Greetings OT.

If you were a Jedi and you only had one lightsaber, what color would it be?

Mine would be blue.

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lol Pink would be an interesting color. Anyway, uh, silver for me.

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Blue. Favorite color in forever. Never had another.

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Red would be a sith color, which i would not be, so i would choose purple my second favorite color

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A Black one, like in KOTOR~ or Silver would be cool too!

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I definitely want a UV-light saber to see peoples hidden semen stains. I'd be a dual and be like "ha, you jacked off on yourself, or was that your pimp daddy Sith lord", and when they look down I'd attack.

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Purple, Two reasons for it.

1. My favorite color

2. Samuel L. Jackson had it

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Green, best color + yoda rules.

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Definitely Silver. A silver lightsaber would be so bad ass.

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Got to go with Green!

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omurika print

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Blue. That lightsaber blew me away.

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Red. The Sith are cooler than the Jedi; they have cooler abilities.

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Orange, because that's my fav color.

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Black; with mini stars and solar systems displayed inside that capture light from the stars above which give it infinite power making me the best Jedi.

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I took an online quiz about this once. I got the purple light saber. Apparently the purple lightsaber is only given to jedi who are also able to use dark force powers. These guys are also the least trusted in the jedi council though, so I don't know, lmao. How Mace Windu had a purple saber and was one of the head jedi is beyond me.

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Blue or White.

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I am about to start replaying Knights of the Old Republic I and II. In my first playthrough of the original KOTOR, I had a green lightsaber. That was over a decade ago. I am curious to see if I will get the same.

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i'd still be a jedi, but a jedi with a red lightsaber just seems cooler

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Purple. I'll be Jedi Pootie Tang.

WAIT FOR IT. . . 0:24

Loading Video...

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May the 4th be with me,for I have chosen the translucent path,so that I can see the truth by the time it's over

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My favourite colour orange but purple would also be cool.

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Blue, Obi Wan was the best. Who denies this?

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A black lightsaber would be insanely badass.

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Green I will go with.

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@Iszdope said:

Green I will go with.

Green is for pussies

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@GazaAli said:

@Iszdope said:

Green I will go with.

Green is for pussies

Disheartened I am.

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Purple i think

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green, suits the colours jedi wear.

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Can't decide between green and silver...

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I would be a sith all the way.. so red..

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Rainbow color. It will distract my enemy, a better choice of weapon. Otherwise I prefer transparent color and let the enemy to guess where my blade is.

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Green, it's my favorite colour, and plus it's the same colour as Yoda's.

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Ever since The Sith Lords it's been viridian.

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Orange, go Giants lol.

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Dark blue or blood red, depending on my allegiance.............

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my favorite color

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Pink or blue :)

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