if you became a vegetable would you want to keep living?

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what would you do if you randomly woke up in a hospital with no memory of what happened to you and you couldnt talk or move any part of your body. i think my brother would already know to casually walk into my hospital room and pull out a silenced pistol and shoot me in the head without me even asking him to

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I don't know. In many cases those in a vegetative state are not conscious or aware of what's going on. In a case like that it would be impossible for me to want anything.

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Similar to the poster I would hope my family would put me out of my misery. I wouldn't want to be a burden to my family. They wouldn't think of me as that but it would be true.

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Only if I get to be an eggplant. They are so purple and versatile!

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just yank out my brain and nervous system and preserve it til there is tech to fix me

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why would i? what kind of question is that?

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If you're alive and not in pain, you would not want to die.

You can say you would want to all day long, but if someone came into your room and said, "I'm going to kill you now", you'd be thinking, " I hope someone stops this crazy person from killing me"

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It doesn't seem like a life worth living.

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Only if there was some way of fixing me (And i'm willing to try anything as long as i can use my arms/hands effectively and be consciously aware of my surroundings after the surgery). Other than that, no....

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Only if I have a nurse who stays with me over night and does the dirty with me.

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If you were a vegetable you wouldn't have an opinion because you wouldn't be conscious or aware. That's what it means when a person is referred to as a vegetable.


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My will would state my wishes depending on the chances, but in general: yank me.

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If I were broccoli, then yes.

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I believe that I were confined to a hospital bed, and my body's vital functions were only being preserved by machines, with no chance of recovery, then I've already stopped living. Since accidents that would leave a person in such a condition usually happen with no advance notice, in lieu of a full-blown living will, I keep a signed and notarized slip of paper in my wallet, indicating that I should be unplugged and allowed to die with no hesitation, should something like that ever happen.

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It depends on what kind of vegetable.

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Yeah keep me living even as a vegetable, I don't want to give up even if I'm unaware

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To me, that's a fate worse than death

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@Laihendi said:

It depends on what kind of vegetable.

Nice one mate

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File:Christopher Walken at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.jpgRR

Maybe if I was a delicious vegetable... like uh, CARRAT, or eh... asPARagus