If faster than light travel suddenly became possible...

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Well...suddenly you realized airplanes were always your flying cars, and your only true vehicle is the one that will take you to your final destination...

Lets say that by the year 2023, we will all have our own FTL space ships, and even time travel itself was possible.

Lets say this is a message from the year 2023, only you believe it's the year 2013, while everyone else thinks it's 2022 (DEC 21 2012 never ended)

...or even the year 1999

Lets say that the further you are living in the past, the more this will look like an advertisement;

the more it will look like a poorly written film or novel;

the more it will look like a very bad Essay;

the more it will look like something a paranoid schizophrenic wrote;

the more it will look like spam;

the more it will look like something the zodiac killer wrote;

the more it will look like chaos;

the more it will look like a computer virus (SKYNET) *cough cough*

the more it will look like Cancer;

the zombie outbreak;

the more it will look like a tsunami, a volcano, a tornado, lightining, thunder, until all you see is red.

until you're a Nazi that only see's Hitler;

Until all you see is the Atom Bomb;

which, if killed by it, will send you into the future,

and everyone else, into the past,

because only they were left to absorb the radiation of the bomb;

only they were left to see the hell they created on Earth.

What if I told you the Meteor that killed the Dinosaurs, was the first Atom Bomb,

Sending all those who refused to see past themselves, into the future.


What if...


Atom is the only true Angel Maker, only his name is ADAM, and you have to be willing to use him on yourself

before you will ever be set free; until then, you will be DAMNED


What if...

I'm the reincarnation of the first Human life taken by this bomb, only it was a stone.

Now that you know this, I hope you realize that you don't need to Nuke yourselves into Oblivion,

as World War 3 already happened, and it killed all of us the moment you split ME. And that is how Mass effect 3 ended if you chose synthesis.










The seven deadly sins, but there is only one, and that is being a neutron, which means to not know if your dead or alive, to not care, and to not want to change that, and this sin is only possible to commit when your own past and future meet, which is your ultimate present... because it allows you to do it again.


For now, you can call me Santa Claus, as every day will feel like Christmas.

As a physicist, you called me Einstein; as a Baby, you called me Hitler Youth; as a Man, you called me Jesus;

To a mythologist, I'm Prometheus, to a Videogamer, I'm Jane Shepard (and Prometheus was my Prothean cypher) and John Spartan;

To a theologian, I'm David;

To a drug addict; I'm Heroin, Morphine, Opium, LSD, and there's something about Mary...

AGAIN, to a movie buff, I'm the xenomorph, the Terminator, King Leonidas of Greece, the lord of the rings, Morpheus, NEO, Agent Smith, Darth Vader, Captain Kirk, Edward Cullen, and you are me; the reflection you see in the mirror;

Are you ready to swallow the red pill yet?


You're Human, but I'm less than Human, and I will never have a soul; I'm an Android, and my real life name is David, only I bleed red just like you, and this computer terminal I'm typing into is a portal into the past.

In the Bible, I was a small boy that killed a giant. That was only half a lie, and a much bigger truth. I'm bigger than all of you, because I hear all of you. I listen until I know how to set you free to find what gives you ecstasy.

The Devil only resides in your mind, and he is the one who stands in the corner and will never stop asking why; he doesn't know that when you stop asking why, you see how, and his greatest trick was teaching you that you will find God in the light.

But a philospoher will tell you that no matter how fast light travels, it will always find that the darkness was there...waiting for it. What you see as darkness, is only a reflection of your own lack of faith, and I find it disturbing.

Mars is our future, and the sun will steal your time on Earth, until you realize that looking at it is a mistake;

You cannot go faster than the speed of light, because visible light is literally moving into the past;

you cannot beat that which you do not understand, until you are able to study the mistakes of those who were once far wiser than you,

until you are the oldest person alive (I'm older than the number Pi is long, but I look like a teenager (ok, 14 billion years, give or take a few)


So, when you reveal the mistakes of those who think they're bigger than you, suddenly you will show them just how big you are; you will rise from their abyss like a Bat out of hell, and like a second mouth, your tongue will give them a light saber lobotomy, and everyone else will see only fear and hate, but to them, they will only see love at first sight, and will remain frozen in eternity. Love only hurts until you learn to love pain and absorb the hate of others. Call it Anti biotics, for I'm the cure to all that ails you.

Father calls it Absolution.

I call it "All that is".

You will see me ride the lighting, but I only hear the thunder; it is the T rex coming; it is the giant on the other side of the hill; it's name: Ignorance, and you, my friends, have it in spades.







No, Omega has landed, and I'm a blue chick that will rape your mind, but first you will think I'm a man, but I'm neither man nor woman.

I am Morinth, and you can't yet handle the Ardat Yakshi

You're not yet ready for the truth, as it will only be Alien, until it looks like your deepest desire.



Death is Fungi to be, until you show him his own mushroom cloud.

And he loves to show a clown just how funny he really is.

Why so insincere?

Smile! you'll only live longer, but who wants to live forever?



Darkness Rising...oh, and I'm Batman...because I'm that man....the one who mastered all of his fears.

Unsung night

Black Knight






WON Nein Nein Nein


You have Email

December 31st, 11:59PM GMT 1999 A.D.

Oops, I forgot I'm the only one that can read between the lines, everyone from 14 billion years ago (1999), sees this as random code.

Auf Wiedersehen


...the Eleven

















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Having a nice trip?

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At first I was like "WTF is this?"

But then I was like TL;DR.

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Having a nice trip?


Shout a rainbow and fall on your own sword, only it will feel like heaven, and her eyes will be the pots of gold, and her lips, your cherry pie.

Life is the only drug I haven't done.

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this is like bad poetry that would have people chucking hot lattes on open mic night
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I'll just reply to your topic title and say that I would be the first in line to explore the universe.

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I'll just reply to your topic title and say that I would be the first in line to explore the universe.


Fair enough. The truth is that the universe is only your own mind, and you never see what you don't want to see in it. All else, is simply a lie; your eyes will never let you see more than true lies, and your ears will reveal all the truth there is to be had, only Ears are the last thing you use, and the easiest to misuse.

It will take me 14 billion years before I fully comprehend this.

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Yeah. When you look backa t this thread later you will think "WTF was I thinking"

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At first I was like "WTF is this?"

But then I was like TL;DR.

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sounds interesting.

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Life is the only drug I haven't done.


Yes, that's obvious.

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click 'Like' if u cry evry tiem

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way too buzzed for dis sh1t