I would like to apologize...

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A while back I was pretty harsh with some folks about the new site rollout. This includes GameSpot and MuddyMaestro. I just want to apologize to anyone I had verbally (or textually) wronged. I had a terrible attitude toward people, but I have since begun my walk with Christ and I am trying to change my heart and mind. I sincerely apologize to anyone on this site for language and belittlement I may have imposed on you. By the way, I am getting more and more into this site, and I see now that GameSpot is trying to provide us more tools for getting and feeling more connected as a gaming community. I thank them for that. I hope to connect and share with more and more of you in the future! Happy gaming!

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I'm guessing your previous account was permabanned?

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@huggybear1020: Not at all. I was warned once a long time ago, but never permabanned. I was one of the unlucky ones whose account was lost when the new site was implemented. I couldn't use my old username because it said it already existed, yet when I attempted to regain my password via email, it told me that no account existed under either of my email addresses, so I just created a new account.