I need advice whether to study in the US

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I am a Filipino IT graduate and am currently enrolled as a 1st year in a technical college here in Tokyo Japan on a 4 year game development course. I studied Japanese for 2 years before that and am now able to read a Japanese novel but I would need a dictionary to understand all words.

The reason I chose Japan was because I am a Nintendo fan and Japan is different from the US and its culture of which most Filipinos are familiar with. At the time of the DS era I admired the Japanese developers for their great games like Ghost Trick and Radiant Historia. But as time went by, I no longer have as much interest as I had before on handheld gaming with the 3DS.

I am mainly a PC gamer. I love RTS, adventure, and RPGs. I was surprised at the lack of presence of Western movies and Western games here compared to my country. I was shocked it was cheaper and easier to buy games back in the Philippines when it comes to Western games. The rise of the indie games also awed me with FEZ, The Swapper, etc. Currently I am mostly looking forward to Western games like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2 upcoming episodes, Watch Dogs, The Witcher 3, and Child of Light. I do not have any console except for the Wii I left back home. This made me doubt my current path.

Although in my current curriculum there is a DirectX subject on the 2nd year, the focus is mainly on consoles and handhelds. I also thought Japan isn't what it used to be and that even on console game development the West dominates. If I am to find work here, I think PC wouldn't be a focus nor will it be mentioned by Japanese companies.

My sister is an immigrant living near Dallas, TX and I thought maybe I should go to US instead and study game design at UT Dallas. What do you think?