I'm Leaving This Site For Good; Anybody Know Better Sites?

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I am going to leave this website and join another website, regardless of my ban being lifted after a week. I do not like how the moderators treat me and would like to go to a site with nicer people, more freedom, and much more convenience. Should I just go back to IGN? I tried using SuperCheats and GameFAQS but they both suck, as well as this one, so anybody know any other sites? Please reply as soon as possible. I'm also tired of the moderators using the Terms of Use to their advantage, that's why you should never trust contracts, people! So anybody know better forum websites? Please give me good suggestions and not crappy ones. Don't take me for a fucking idiot. I've already tried going on shitty websites like IGN and this one, so do not give me bad websites.

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Are you 13 by any chance?

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Hm... Start playing Kerbal Space Program. Game has the most amazing community I've ever seen. It's not a gamING website, but it's OT section is miles ahead of this one ill tell ya.

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There's this site called Google and I heard if you type in what it is you're looking for, it's pretty good at finding it for you. I think you should try it. A man of your caliber should have no problems seeking the information he so requires.

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A family forum

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@gordanchoong: Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. If your looking for a good forum community my suggestions would be going to the Escapist Forums. That place is extremely active, most topics accumulate 100s posts. Giant Bomb forums are a nice tight community, just as long your not a jerk. Mods are also chill.

Good luck in your search!

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Defection is a serious offense and is punishable by shunning. Hence, I find it to be utterly baffling that you'd gloat about doing so. How dare you, OP? Have you no integrity? Have you no loyalty? These are dark times, brother. So I can understand your dissatisfaction with the site. However, remember the following: The night is darkest just before dawn.

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Awww man, we're losing another troll. I am truly devastated

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@lostrib said:

Awww man, we're losing another troll. I am truly devastated

He'll be back. Just like Xboxdone74 who rose from the ashes.

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@gordanchoong: Don't you people get it? No one gives a shit that you're leaving until you have at leas 1,000 posts. And probably not even then.

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Don't join a new one. Go outside.

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Why did they delete my topic? This is very shitty of your gamespot

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@ali: They moved the topic to the feedback forum for some reason

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@dave123321 said:

@ali: They moved the topic to the feedback forum for some reason

How devious of them; this way they can't be accused of unjustly locking or deleting the topic.

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@speedfreak48t5p said:
@lostrib said:

Awww man, we're losing another troll. I am truly devastated

He'll be back. Just like Xboxdone74 who rose from the ashes.

lulz. Xboxdone? That's pretty good, but totally a red flag that the user is probably a troll.

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How the hell did you force significant moderation in the few weeks you've been a member?

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@gordanchoong said:

I do not like how the moderators treat me

you mean the moderator with ted bundy's avatar?

and yes .... go to IGN ..... I'm there too .....

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how the fuck you get moderated on this site now?

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I don't blame you. The activity is exceptionally low compare to its former self. And the Xbox forum is basically empty. We used to have fun member chatting and doing the fun guess the pic game. Ever since the rule of game specific forum and sticky, people start leaving one by one. Now, it is a ghost town over there. SW and OT are the only two worth visiting because there are at least some people posting.

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Given the reasons why you're leaving, I only suggest you stay away from Eurogamer.

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You might like pornhub.

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Go to GameTrailers.

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@dave123321 said:


A family forum

That still exists?

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Thie site has been super glitchy lately and the pages keep freezing on me.

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I think that's your browser problem. Mine is fine.

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@bowchicka07 said:

You might like pornhub.

dude really?

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I don't even know who you are.....

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@jimy1475: He trolled a lot so did you expect a serious answer?

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@fatalscorpion: no one here knows who you are- you haven't even made double digits yet!

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@El_Zo1212o: Quality over quantity my man.

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I'm going to stop answering posts by GordanChoong; anybody knows a good user to start replying to?

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@LittleMac19: But that picture isn't 100% appropriate. Anyone who watched the Lion King movie knows that he DOES come back in the end. But then again, TC might come back...

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And Simba is the good guy coming back to save the herd. ---____---

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@bowchicka07: Sucks when you've got neither.

@korvus: Me, obviously.

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@El_Zo1212o: Will do =D

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When you find a good site to go to send me a PM.

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@El_Zo1212o said:

@bowchicka07: Sucks when you've got neither.

@korvus: Me, obviously.

Low blow. I may not have a high quanity forum post count but I live high quality life, could you say the same?

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i never understood that it meant to "leave" a website for another. it's not like you have to choose one or that you wouldn't be able to come back if you weren't totally satisfied with the latter.

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Kind of true....lol

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@bowchicka07: The low ones are a kind of specialty of mine. Ask Metamania, he'll tell you all about it. And what is a "high quality life," exactly?

@Hiddai: Right?

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I know of a site which is inherently better than Gamespot. But I'm not telling you about it because you'll just infect it with gay.

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@shellcase86: The very same thing has been happening to me as well. I barely ever come to this site anymore because it's been having so many problems... it's only ever since they changed the site... didn't have these problems before they changed it.

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Thank God. You've mentioned you've left other sites before. Here's a good lesson for life: You can't do and say whatever you want. Nobody's treating you badly, you're just being oversensitive. The world has rules. Peace dude.

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@El_Zo1212o: Doesn't mattter much now, knowing that is your specialty. ~-,.,-~

But if you're interested I'm going to make a blog on my take on a high quality life ( work in progress for awhile now) if not no worries.

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Interesting. The OP has "victim card" and "attention whore" written ALL over him.

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Well, he hasn't responded back, so we're going to go ahead and assume he's found greener pastures. Regardless of whatever he decided to do, we wish him the best.

@hippiesanta said:

@gordanchoong said:

I do not like how the moderators treat me

you mean the moderator with ted bundy's avatar?

That's AL Bundy, a fictional character...Ted Bundy was a TOTALLY different person, and not a good one at that. No way I'd be using a avatar with his likeness.

And...am I really that much of an ogre to some people around here? Heck, I haven't been around all that much lately now that I'm working again. I never even moderated him at all.

*sigh* You just can't make some people happy no matter what.