I hate gamespot moderators

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Just the slightest infraction will get you banned from them. That is why I think that creating more lenient forums is the best way to go instead of feeding the fire that is Gamespot or any other big forum.

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What do you guys think?

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Meh I don't really notice the moderators as i genrally try not to be a douche and you'll never get the same volume of people on smaller sites.

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yeah, they keep threatening me that they're going to ban me if i refuse to show them my boobies.

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@VaguelyTagged: I think what they wrote was "...If you don't stop showing us your breasts".

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Do you know what a question is?

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I can say "fuck" on the forums for a major gaming site. How much more lenient can it get?

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yeah, they keep threatening me that they're going to ban me if i refuse to show them my boobies.

you mean moobs?

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I don't have issues with the moderators. I have not been around in a while but I used to get along well with a lot of them. Plus I had a brief stint as one and I understand the difference between personal opinions and following what the site tells you.

Besides as someone who has been a member of this site for a long time I can honestly say this is one of the least moderated places I have seen and the most lenient gamespot has ever been.

I do however wonder if that correlates at all with the fact that the site is pretty dead.

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And yet here you are "feeding the fire".

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TC , you should not make anti mod threads , you might get moderated. You can always complain or ask in ask mods forum if with any particular mod you are having problem with. Just a word of advise :)

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If you have an issue with a particular moderation, feel free to PM us about it. Also, the slightest infraction will not get you banned. Keep making those infractions though and the repercussions get more severe.