I got jumped at a party by my girlfriends ex boyfriend.

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I went to a party I hosted and my friends girlfriend invited my girlfriends ex because that is her brother but I didn't know she invited himthen my gf's ex came to my house and got my little brothers baseball and slammed it on my face then we started fighting. I got a bloody nose but it stopped bleeding after 5 minutes and my friends were fighting them. They got me up and I went outside and my Mustang was dented everywhere. I want to tell my parents but then they will get pissed off because I got jumped and my car. I have enough money to repair my car because I got a bunch of scholarships so I can repair it. Is there any place where I can repair and pimp it up so it can handle the damage if they try to jack my car and deal with them. P.S. They hate me after my girlfriend broke up with that douchebag and that was my college graduation party and I will propose to my girlfriend on her birthday in March :D

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Yeah man.

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Nobody got time to read that

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Are you like, 12?

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So are you going to jump back?

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Cool story TC, tell it again.

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Yeah I'd jump him back.

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We've all been there.

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Kool Starry Brah, please tell it again.

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He should have just set your whole house on fire.

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Nobody got time to read that

It's relatively short, if you don't have time to read something that will take approximately 20-30 seconds then I don't understand why your on a forum in the first place.

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Um...what's the question again?

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Considering you felt the need to brag about your stang, money and scholarships, ide consider yourself lucky for getting off with a slap on the wrist, or a baseball to the face in this case. And who hits someone with a baseball?

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I would raid his house at night and dump flower all over his car and let it harden with water.

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@Gaming-Planet: Flowers don't harden with water...they use it to grow!

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Wow... what a load of bull...

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What in the name of St. Lucifer did I just read...?

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@Iszdope said:

@Gaming-Planet: Flowers don't harden with water...they use it to grow!

Oops I meant to say flour lol

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Hahaha. NIce story. It was so enthralling I hated to stop reading it.

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