I forgot to caps lock my username!

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I know this is really, really pointless but I hate not having a capital letter at the beginning of my username, haha. I thought I wrote "Hearsay_", apparently I did not, and boy am I paying for it... in a self disappointment kinda way.

Is there a way I can get it changed to a capital H?

It's the little things in life that keep the ebb and flow of reality exactly that; reality.

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It is a capital bro.

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TC is losing his mind and he's only just arrived. OT sure does corrupt quick.

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@Iszdope: I am so confused. It is a capital, you're right, I only just noticed that. When I look at my profile, it isn't a capital though. So to sum it up, it is a capital in the forums, but it is not a capital outside of the forums.

Man, I am spinnin' out.

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Yes, anywho!

Thanks for the welcome, now I must wait until tomorrow to reply any further. Newbie forum rules are bliss.

Oh, forgive my lack of knowledge about acronymes; could someone explain "TC" and "OT"?

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TC is topic/thread creator

OT is off-topic

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@hearsay_: Yeah, my name is also not properly capitalised in the chats for some reason. It's happening to a lot of people.

Oh, and welcome to the forums! =D