Hype shows you would rec.

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Looking for some new stuff, stream only. lately I have been into the new doctors( was a fourth fan from young American PBS) but 9 through 11 have convinced me. Liked Misfits season 1-3 and the last half of five. Really liked kill la kill (not usually an anime fan).

favorites of all time are Fringe, and of course Breaking Bad. any recs?

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I'm currently rewatching Eureka, it's one of my favorite all-time shows. It's quirky, funny, and very sciencey. Overall it's an excellent program. Available on Netflix.

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Watch Rome. It's an amazing show, starts off slow introducing a bunch of characters but give it a chance and you'll see it get's so much better.

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Fuck yea Fringe is awesome.

The Following isnt too bad. Sleepy Hollow is nice also. Its even got the great John Noble in it.

If you not against anime Adult Swim is doing the english dub of Attack on Titan on saturdays. I recently got into the show and got hooked.

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Mad Men, I would record Mad Men.

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Breaking Bad

breaking bad

breaking bad

breaking bad