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I know there are a number of my fellow outdoorsmen in OT. I know seasons open at different times in different places, but I know most places are open for deer (in one way or another) right now. Has anyone else had any luck so far this season? I don't think I'll be taking any deer this year, but just waiting another few months for turkey.

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Oh yeah, I'm hoping to get a coyote or 2 as well. Pic of the turkey gun.

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I think bow season starts soon where I live. Thats how its done, son.

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I don't hunt. But it's something that I've always sort of wanted to get into. Just never had the time or inclination to make the necessary investments (equipment, permits, training, etc). One of these days I hope to become a hunter, but in the meantime I just shoot things with my camera.

Anyway, I know that this is gonna eventually turn into a bunch of bull$hit about "OMG, how could you kill an animal". So I just have to point out that even though I'm not a hunter, I have absolutely no disrespect for those that do. Generally speaking, of course. Like any group, there are always going to be SOME people who go about it in the most dickish way possible. And yeah, those guys are assbags. I just don't like to judge an entire field on the basis of a few assbags. Hell, everyone's a photographer these days, but most people probably would object to being called deviants and perverts just because the paparazzi and pornographers do photography too.

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I wish i owned a weapon for self defence

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@sonicare said:

I think bow season starts soon where I live. Thats how its done, son.

I've been thinking about getting into bow hunting, we'l see