humans still got a chance

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you wont bealive

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I don't trust Facebook videos at the moment it's all about beastality on my news feed at the moment so I don't want to click on it. I'm guessing it's some animal that is getting saved or getting killed. In which I do not particularly care because there is nothing we can do.
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Another great video from OP
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Sorry, can't be bothered to click on that link.
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Sorry, can't be bothered to click on that link.Toph_Girl250
Same here, too much effort even if it's not as much effort as replying.
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Do Want!

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I like how he shows up once or twice a month to make a thread like this and then disappears. It makes him seem mysterious.
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its about a dog saving - amazing video- cant tell -you must see

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I watched and it was indeed quite touching. Some sad moments but some really nice as well. Those people did the best they could and they deserve a well done.