How "unsearchable" are you?

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If you search your real name on google right now, what information could people find about you?

I searched my name and I found my linkedin account, but it has no information or photo in it. The only other thing I found was a short story I wrote for school years ago. All the other info appears to be just people with the same name.

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Just tried; nothing at all came up (well, 6 pages of results regarding a movie director who was obviously named in my honor =P), but nothing about me. I don't normally share personal information online;

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I work as art director at an online agency, so it would be a little weird if I didn't pop up if you googled my name ;-)

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Nothing comes up on me, no accounts or pictures. Guy who has same name dominated the search, an Aussie gangster, central to some big crime story, beaten to death in prison with the stem of an exercise bike. Nice.

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I found an old news article containing my name from 15 years ago, but that's about it. The only thing on the internet that has my real name is my email address. I never did succumb to the facebook, twitter, myspace and instagram collective.

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They can find my old outdated address.

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There's a bunch of me that's not really me which is good. Of the real me, only two show up, both of them on the President's List.

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I get no pictures of myself, I do get pictures of Ann Colter though.......

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Nothing related to me, my name is too common

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There are hundreds of Jeffrey Reeves whom are famous and much more well known than me so I think it would be pretty difficult to find me without REALLY digging deep in a search engine for me...

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I got a poem a weird friend wrote for me in 8th grade. So angsty. A "like" I apparently accidentally made on something last year on facebook, and a letter I wrote to the editors of my local newspaper in 6th grade about how my teachers were awesome, which was REALLY awkward to read. Fun fact, I now work for one of the teachers mentioned's husband.

Someone else apparently has my name but spelled differently, so that's kind of cool. Never met anyone with my full same name before.

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Not searchable enough, thankfully. If you're desperate for attention though just do something shameless and embarrassing and post it on YouTube.

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Very. I can't find anything related to me personally connected with the search.

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@foxhound_fox said:

Very. I can't find anything related to me personally connected with the search.

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I found plenty of people with the same name but nothing about me.

I always use an alias,don't have facebook/twitter and have never posted a picture of me online.

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You can find me on white pages and my LinkedIn profile. There might be a handful of old Amazon reviews, but otherwise you'd really have to dig for me. I don't use any social network sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and I don't use my name on much, so I have a pretty minimal 'Net presence. Hell, the only email account I have is my work email.

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My real name is totally unsearchable bcoz i use nickname on facebook and some other site .... even people in the real world call me by my nickname

..... but there's an Indian guy have identical name like my real name because of my western first name and Indian/middle-east surname

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Sweet if i ever forget my bank details I can find it on a pastebin entry by googling my name.

Oh it has all my passwords as well, what a handy list!

But seriously I only found my old Myspace account and my facebook which both I got bored of before i put anything useful on so nothing major.

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Just my LinkedIn, nothing else that relates to me without doing a little digging.

Image search returned some topless ladies, which was a nice surprise.

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Nothing came up. Very happy about that.

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Found not much of anything since I don't post pictures of myself or anything of that nature, I was actually able to find a lot of information on almost everybody on my FB list along with random people and their friends

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my DeviantArt, FB, and a few websites who have shared some of my paintings come up. should i be worried?

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My FB, and my profile picture from my old Myspace...I am currently going through it reliving 07-09 XD

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I'm really searchable. My band and I have done a lot of interviews/videos/photos. I found like 15 articles on the first two pages.