How much trust do you have in your local law enforcement where you reside?

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Poll: How much trust do you have in your local law enforcement where you reside? (50 votes)

Complete trust 10%
Strongly Trust 32%
Fair 14%
I lack trust 20%
No trust what-so-ever 24%

The situation which is ongoing in Ferguson twp, St. Louis Missouri is curious. I thought I'd start a poll inquiring to others' local law enforcement and the levels of trust. I can't remember if you can comment on polls, but I assume you can here on gamespot. I'd like everyone to rate their level of trust in their local (community) law enforcement officers (this means city, twp, NOT state). Then comment on your rating and which community you live in to give everyone some insight/ help us thin critically about this topic and how it affect people arount the United States.

Looking forward to your responses guys (and gals). :)

I will leave out ethnicity, age, and gender. Even though these are valuable variables in the equation. I suspect this would make the poll less inviting as this is a sensitive topic for many people.

#1 Posted by Korvus (9030 posts) -

I find it hard to have complete trust in people I don't know well, but I have a strong trust in the police where I've lived so far, both Portugal and the Netherlands.

#2 Posted by comp_atkins (32166 posts) -

strong trust. never had a reason to feel otherwise.

#3 Edited by AutoPilotOn (8617 posts) -

I trust them. Never had any issues. Though a cop car behind me when driving always makes me nervous.

#4 Edited by Renevent42 (5809 posts) -

Strongly trust. I'm sure there are some crooked cops where I live (Apex, NC) but in large I am sure they are good people just trying to do their jobs. I also don't agree with some of the laws they enforce, but that's not something they can change.

Anyways here's the demographics of where I live:

We have a very low crime rate which is awesome.

#5 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

I haven't trust any law enforcement for at least 27 years now, maybe longer.

#6 Edited by thegerg (16219 posts) -

@Renevent42 said:

Strongly trust. I'm sure there are some crooked cops where I live (Apex, NC) but in large I am sure they are good people just trying to do their jobs. I also don't agree with some of the laws they enforce, but that's not something they can change.

Anyways here's the demographics of where I live:

We have a very low crime rate which is awesome.

Apex is nice, living in Cary here.

Anyway, OP, it depends on what you're asking exactly. What are you asking us to "trust" in here? In a general sense, I don't trust the great majority of them because I don't even know the great majority of them.

#7 Posted by Master_Live (15832 posts) -

I would say that I lack trust.

#8 Posted by ad1x2 (5827 posts) -

The law enforcement in my area hasn't given me a reason not to trust them. While there are some bad officers out there, most of the officers are good men and women. For the ones that aren't good people, most of them still have enough common sense not to do something stupid that can cause them to throw their careers and possibly their freedom away.

The issue with Ferguson right now is a lot of people in urban neighborhoods already distrust anybody who is in a position of authority, so that combined with initial reports claiming the police officer shot Mr. Brown in cold blood while he was surrendering made it easy to cause trouble.

New reports showing footage of Mr. Brown robbing a store immediately before the shooting and the word of witnesses contradicting each other (some said the officer shot him while fleeing while others say the officer shot him during a struggle for his gun) are insufficient to take blame away from the officer when you consider that riots are ongoing and the Missouri governor had to call in the National Guard to help keep the peace.

It also doesn't help that several celebrities and hip-hop artists automatically went to Brown's side and called the police officer who shot him a racist pig who just wanted to gun down an innocent black teen before the robbery footage and additional details came out. Not saying that he deserved to die for stealing cigars but without video and conflicting witness accounts this debate will go on for years.

#9 Posted by playmynutz (6394 posts) -

I'm afraid of cops.

#10 Posted by airshocker (31210 posts) -

It's hard for me to have complete trust in anybody but myself and my family. I strongly trust my fellow officers at the department, though.

#11 Edited by Master_Live (15832 posts) -
@playmynutz said:

I'm afraid of cops.

Why Mr. nutz?

#12 Edited by playmynutz (6394 posts) -

@Master_Live: My heart drops to the pit of my stomach whenever I see them.

Why do you lack their trust?

#13 Posted by humanistpotato (555 posts) -

Im scared of cops but i live in a barely 2nd world country so yeah

#14 Posted by Master_Live (15832 posts) -

@playmynutz said:

@Master_Live: My heart drops to the pit of my stomach whenever I see them.

Why do you lack their trust?

Just my general lack of trust of other people plus a healthy skepticism of individuals in positions of power.

#15 Posted by playmynutz (6394 posts) -

@Master_Live: Babylon has been in power for too long!

#16 Posted by Shottayouth13- (6878 posts) -

I trust them enough to continue being incompetent.

#17 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (17822 posts) -

The cops cleared a route for us enroute to the hospital after my wife went into labor with our youngest kid.

On another occasion, they responded fast and helped stabilize my elderly mother in law after she fainted at home.

They're okay in most places where I lived.

#18 Posted by ferrari2001 (17397 posts) -

I've never seen any issues with an police officers where I live. I have no reason not to trust them.

#19 Edited by delete-EasyComeEasyGo (382 posts) -

I don't trust anyone else but me. I don't trust anyone or anything.

#20 Posted by thehig1 (3530 posts) -

Cant completely trust anyone, but I do think the police in my area are good at what they do and have good intentions.

#21 Posted by The_Last_Ride (75040 posts) -

don't trust them 100%, but the police are pretty good here. They aren't allowed to bear weapons so there are rarely any incidents. The last year there was a cop shooting only involved some dogs

#22 Posted by Ilovegames1992 (14221 posts) -

Thankfully I live in a country where not everyone and their mum carries miniguns so I feel very safe and trusting f my police force in that sense.

Trusting them to be competent though? Not so sure.

#23 Posted by CrimsonBrute (24074 posts) -

While I have a general distrust (and dislike) of law enforcement, I do trust local law enforcement a tiny bit more than I do state and federal agencies.

#24 Posted by Jacanuk (5860 posts) -

Of course i trust the police force in my town, i have no reason not to trust them, the few times i needed to call on them they were there and always helpful and as a law abiding citizen i hardly never come in contact with them.

So im glad they are there and make the city a safer place to be.

#25 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26733 posts) -

No issues. There were quite a few when I was younger who were pretty awesome, spent a lot of free time doing running free after school activities. Though...we are a very small town with a low crime rate, yet they have a big SWAT truck. I used to laugh at so much.

#26 Posted by MakeMeaSammitch (4794 posts) -

I think the "no trust what so ever" group needs to grow up.

#27 Posted by ShepardCommandr (3348 posts) -

I don't trust anyone but myself.

#28 Posted by bforrester420 (2169 posts) -

I'm white, so I have that going for me, but I don't have a lot of trust in my local law enforcement to do the right thing. I live in an affluent (Carmel, IN), predominantly white community, so I could totally see them treating those from the lower socioeconomic classes with less respect than the city's average citizen.

#29 Posted by tocool340 (20668 posts) -

There isn't a person alive that I'd have complete trust in, but I definitely have strong trust in them though...

#30 Edited by Doozie78 (673 posts) -

I have little trust or faith in police. They seem to hire almost any jackboot thug that will do anything needed (beat the shit out of people) these days, they are pretty much as bad as criminals hiding behind the law.

#31 Posted by ad1x2 (5827 posts) -

@MakeMeaSammitch: You have a realize that the "no trust whatsoever" group probably falls into three categories:

1. Hipsters and teens/college age people who hate anyone who is in a position of authority, not just the police

2. People who regularly break the law, whether it is something as minor as smoking pot or as big as robbery or worse

3. Someone who has legitimately had a negative experience with a police officer

1 covers most of GS, 2 covers a few here such as some of the ones with criminal records or who smoke pot regularly, and 3 is mostly directed to people in developing countries that have corrupt police forces.

#32 Edited by deeliman (3531 posts) -

I can't completely trust in a stranger, but I have pretty strong trust in the police where I live.

#33 Edited by golfer13last (317 posts) -

thanks guys, very interesting so far. Unfortunately this poll doesn't operationally define trust as I'd like. But it still sparks discussion and helps us think critically about the topic.

#34 Posted by PurpleLabel (314 posts) -

Strongly trust for sure.

#35 Posted by Korvus (9030 posts) -

@golfer13last: You're free to make another poll that you think is better suited to your needs...if people feel it's too sensitive a topic for them (doubt it) they just won't reply. And if for some reason it gets ugly, that's what mods are for. =)

#36 Posted by spaceninja818 (425 posts) -

I got pulled over for tinted windows when I was waiting for the light to turn green, while some retard was speeding around 60 mph in a residential area where kids usually play a lot. I do not trust the pigs in my area. Am I really more dangerous with my slightly tinted windows than some idiot risking of hitting and killing an innocent pedestrian while speeding?

#37 Posted by Storm_Marine (12214 posts) -

It's not their fault they have to enforce bs laws.

#38 Posted by -TheSecondSign- (9246 posts) -

Know most of the cops where I live and they're generally decent people.

Cops are like everyone else. It's a job to 90% of them, a job that guarantees decent pay, benefits, and a pension.

Some of them are complete pieces of shit, some are just your regular dudes who are making ends meet their own way, some are complete rubes who try to act like Judge Dredd, some are just motivated guys who want to make a difference. I judge every cop on an individual merit.

#39 Posted by Iszdope (11716 posts) -

69 percent.

#40 Posted by johnd13 (8535 posts) -

Never had to cross paths with them but I trust them I guess. There are always a few bad apples but I hope most of the bunch is ok.

#41 Posted by hummer700 (10236 posts) -

I have a couple friends that become cops in my town recently, regardless, I lack trust in my local police force. I believe that a police force is absolutely essential in a civilized society, I just think the current system is fucked.

#42 Posted by Aljosa23 (26181 posts) -

Fair, I guess. I'm white so cops have never given me a hard time.

#43 Posted by foxhound_fox (91108 posts) -

Strong trust.

At least in the sense that I trust they aren't a bunch of power-hungry egomaniacs. I don't necessarily trust them to save my life if it is being threatened... their response time is less than ideal where I live, and frustratingly, I don't live in a place where conceal carry is legal (ironically, I live just 109 km north of a shall-issue conceal carry state).

That said, I have greater levels of trust in the RCMP over the Winnipeg Police Service. I have yet to hear a significantly negative story from any acquaintance about dealing with either side of the coin with the RCMP (I've heard some bad stories about some really try-hard WPS officers over-stepping their authority, but they were all dealt with promptly). However, my dealings with both (from the legal side of things) have been largely positive, especially while working as a security guard.

#44 Posted by indzman (20177 posts) -

I like cops personally, and only time they bother me is when i break law ( fast driving, wrong parking). Not their fault :)

#45 Edited by gago-gago (9957 posts) -

I don't trust them because they seem to always pick at Navy personnel and giving them traffic tickets when they go to and from the Navy base. I never had any problem with any though. Also I guess it depends on where you are too.

#46 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (8385 posts) -

It varies from one officer to the next. My hometown has some really reasonable officers and I have a lot of respect for them. Where I currently live, not so much.

#47 Posted by redstorm72 (4636 posts) -

I've had dealings with the OPP, QPP, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, and MRC du Collins police and I have not once had a bad experience with any of them. They have always treated me fairly and in a polite (if sometimes cool) manner. From my experience, as long as you don't act like a dick to the police, they will not give you a hard time. Whenever I have needed their assistance, they have responded quickly and with professionalism. So yeah, I trust my local law enforcement.

#48 Posted by whipassmt (14732 posts) -

As a whole I trust the local police department. In any police department with a decent number of cops, there will be some who are a little too gung ho.

#49 Posted by JimB (398 posts) -

I trust the police. I would say 99% of them are good caring people who the last thing they want to do is harm to a citizen. We ask them to keep us safe and do a job most of us could not or would not do. Without them just think what your life would be like living in fear unless you are causing fear to survive.

#50 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14639 posts) -

Our city hardly has any cops because of the lay offs.