How much do you weight and are you happy with it?

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#1 Posted by Star_Skywalker (4023 posts) -

I'm about 190lbs at 6'0. Am I happy with it? Not really. I want to be slightly slimmer yet bulkier at the same time. 


How about the OT? 

#2 Posted by jimkabrhel (15432 posts) -

6'0" 165. I've been up and down in my life, but this is a good weight for me.

#3 Posted by michael_1234576 (8621 posts) -
6"1' 175 I feel good about it
#4 Posted by General_X (9120 posts) -
217lbs at 6'5", it's pretty good but I'm still attempting to trim down just a hair.
#5 Posted by kittensRjerks (3802 posts) -

6' 180Lbs I'm happy with it.

#6 Posted by dodgerblue13 (20845 posts) -
5'9", 177ish. Just finished a two-and-a-half-month bulk. Put on nearly twenty pounds. I think five or so were muscle. Now I'm losing the fat, so I've got like seven pounds to lose yet.
#7 Posted by comp_atkins (32031 posts) -
5'4" ~150. i'm fine w/ it.
#8 Posted by Rich3232 (2628 posts) -
5'8 165 pounds. currently losing more.
#9 Posted by TwistedShade (3138 posts) -

Damn a lot of tall people in OT.

I'm 6.0" and 165, i'm happy with it although i'm trying to gain some muscle.

#10 Posted by SteverXIII (3829 posts) -
6'1" 160 pounds. I look like I weigh more, but I think I need to gain some weight.
#11 Posted by Detroit222 (5349 posts) -

5'6" and I finally dropped 15 pounds and am extremely happy at 135. Feel a lot better and my clothes stopped being tight.

And no, I don't work out. I hate working out. I just ate less.

#12 Posted by XilePrincess (13130 posts) -
I'm 5'2-3 and I weigh about 135 pounds right now. I'm fine with it. I could stand to tone up but I don't really want to weigh less than 120 pounds, ever. I like my TnA.
#13 Posted by tocool340 (20663 posts) -

I'm 6"0 and 150lbs. It's the ideal weight I wanted to reach....

#14 Posted by applesxc47 (10761 posts) -

I'm about 95 kilograms, and I'm reasonably happy, I guess. I could be a bit thinner, but where I'm at isn't too bad.

#15 Posted by Ricardomz (2715 posts) -



Yes, I'm happy.

#16 Posted by mindstorm (15250 posts) -
I am 5'7" and weigh about 185 lbs. I could handle loosing a few pounds in the belly region but I'm fine with my weight beyond this. I make certain that I eat well but I very much could do better with actually working out. My broad shoulders and chest and overall body shape would allow me to play a dwarf or hobbit in LotRs quite well. In fact, as a term of endearment I have had multiple girls that I have dated refer to me as their hairy-footed hobbit. I am perfectly fine with this.
#17 Posted by wis3boi (32007 posts) -

6' 2'' and about 180

#18 Posted by dbz987 (3723 posts) -

No, im too skinny. Im 6-2 140 pounds. I want to gain at least 15 pounds of muscle

#19 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48590 posts) -
I am tall and slim, 5'10" and 125 pounds.
#20 Posted by ghoklebutter (19327 posts) -
I'm 5'7" at 149 lbs. My weight is ok but I want to reduce it a bit more - by ~10 lbs.
#21 Posted by Dogswithguns (10937 posts) -
I'm 5'7.. 135 Lbs.. or a little less.
#22 Posted by BPoole96 (22814 posts) -

6'2 225. Luckily I carry my weight well so I don't look fat, but I want to get down to 205-210

#23 Posted by johnd13 (8372 posts) -

I'm 6"0 and 150lbs. It's the ideal weight I wanted to reach....


I' m exactly the same but I think I need to reach 165lbs (by gaining some muscle if possible) to actually be normal. But I have always been skinny though...

#24 Posted by themajormayor (24301 posts) -
72. kg. 180. Yeah it's ok
#25 Posted by Postmortem123 (7718 posts) -

6ft and 9stone 10. It's okay, but I wouldn't mind putting on a bit of weight.

#26 Posted by Blood-Scribe (6465 posts) -
I'm 6'0" and around 145lbs. I don't mind being thin but I'd like to put on some muscle.
#27 Posted by sexyweapons (5302 posts) -

I'm 6'2,weighed 154 IBS exactly last  summer grown about 2 inches since then and gained some muscle so I don't know what I would be now.

#28 Posted by Darkman2007 (17929 posts) -

1m 78 (5'10) and about 67-68Kg ( about 140-150 pounds) , I think Im doing ok.

#29 Posted by KiIIyou (27155 posts) -

I weigh what I did when I was 14, but now most of that isnt fat. 190 now and got as low as 150 for most of that inbetween time.

so yea, berry happies

#30 Posted by Ingenemployee (2307 posts) -

5'11 about 200lb. Looking to drop some weight once it gets warmer out.

#31 Posted by certifieddata (46060 posts) -

5' 8" and 165lbs, it feels like the perfect weight to me.

#32 Posted by jim_shorts (7320 posts) -

I'm 5'10" and 165.  Ten more pounds of muscle wouldn't hurt, but overall I'm pretty happy with my weight.

#33 Posted by Lord_Daemon (24351 posts) -

6' and 190 lbs although I'd like to get that down to 180.

#34 Posted by hartsickdiscipl (14787 posts) -

I'm 6'1" and 190 lbs.  I'm happy with my weight.  I'd like to improve my composition a bit.  

#35 Posted by nooblet69 (5162 posts) -

5'10 and 205... Wanna lose about 15-20 pounds.  Actually headed to the gym soon :P.

#36 Posted by mingmao3046 (2648 posts) -
6ft 210lb, still pretty skinny.....have to get bigger
#37 Posted by tocool340 (20663 posts) -


I'm 6"0 and 150lbs. It's the ideal weight I wanted to reach....


I' m exactly the same but I think I need to reach 165lbs (by gaining some muscle if possible) to actually be normal. But I have always been skinny though...

It took me nearly 2 years to reach 150LBS. I've been 6'0 since my junior year in High School (which was roughly 6 years ago) and I was sitting at 135 til 4 years later when I finally started putting on pounds. I just wanted a body that's strong enough to get through most daily activities (Can lift up to 200 lbs which should be strong enough to work with many situations) slim, fast, light, and mobile while requiring a little amount of energy to use. I wouldn't mind gaining another 10 pounds, but I'm content with 150...
#38 Posted by Suzy_Q_Kazoo (9901 posts) -

I'm 5'5" and about 135 lbs. I run, lift weights, do yoga. My body isn't a masterpiece, but I dont hate it.

Not much interest in being thin (which I don't think I even have the frame for). Aiming for tighetning up and scuplting a bit.

#39 Posted by xdude85 (4589 posts) -
5'11 and 125 pounds.
#40 Posted by TAMKFan (32989 posts) -

I'm 5'9" and weigh around 200 pounds.

#41 Posted by junglist101 (5462 posts) -

I'm 6'0 and 178lbs.  I'm happy with my weight.  I wouldn't mind being 185 and as lean as I am now though...

#42 Posted by stormtrooper32 (2235 posts) -

I'm 6'2" at 210 lbs, trying to gain more, don't have any fat...

#43 Posted by dracolich55 (2343 posts) -
I'm 6'1 and 155, pretty aight.
#44 Posted by Celldrax (14807 posts) -

Around 5'11 and 1/2, 89kg (196lbs).

I have a reasonable build, so I could easily weigh that much if it was all muscle, so not too bad. Just need to start excercising to get it to the right places...

#45 Posted by Barbariser (6761 posts) -

I'm both muscular and have a very visible belly (especially when seated) at 70 kg. Thats about 155 of those inferior units of mass that some of you are using.

#46 Posted by Angie7F (1175 posts) -

5 foot. dont know how much I weigh. But I think i lost some weight over the past year and am happy with how I look.

I am not too obsessed with the weight but more how I look.

#47 Posted by dagreenfish (1817 posts) -
5'7" 165lbs and 16% body fat last time I checked it. I'm good.