How much do you post at GS on a monthly basis?

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#1 Posted by topsemag55 (19063 posts) -
I'm averaging around 500 posts per month, but I figure that's at the low end of an average poster here. I keep taking a lot of breaks to play games.:lol: So how many posts do you average per month? *waits for fastesttruck to post a huge number*
#2 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
100 a month maybe
#3 Posted by Mehdi-Y (1028 posts) -

Ignoring a message I just posted in some hilarious thread, last time I did post one was exactly 32 days ago. So not much :roll:

#4 Posted by EJ902 (14424 posts) -
I make like one post a fortnight and it is the best post ever
#5 Posted by Baconbits2004 (12600 posts) -
Maybe.... 300 a month? I figure I make about 10 a day, sometimes more. But I don't post everyday either, so...
#6 Posted by JoeJoeLaker (704 posts) -

Around 100, maybe a lil more.

I usually take breaks on GS, but i'll have some of those days where i'll post alot.

#7 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
Quite a bit actually. I post like 10-20 per day.
#8 Posted by pero2008 (2888 posts) -

Maybe 200 I dunno

#9 Posted by dercoo (12555 posts) -

Too much

I realy need a better social life:(

#10 Posted by tomo90 (2244 posts) -

Maybe 40-50 posts?

#11 Posted by VaguelyTagged (10402 posts) -

it must be something around 100-120 posts per month.

#12 Posted by worlock77 (22547 posts) -

No clue, but however much it is it's probably too much.

#13 Posted by maniamsmart (12069 posts) -

Let's see I do about 50-75 posts a day, I go on every day

lets average it to 63 multiply that times 30 and that is

Near to 2000 posts every month... if my consistency stays up... though that fails soemtimes

#14 Posted by Wasdie (50840 posts) -

Waaaaay to much.

#15 Posted by BATTOSAI76 (4084 posts) -

Not much at all. Which is probably for the best.

#16 Posted by Colin1192 (6221 posts) -
have really cut down on my posting. probably about 100 a month
#17 Posted by LookJohnnySaid (151 posts) -
well, i've only been here like a week, and already have this many
#18 Posted by noxboxlive (5856 posts) -

i did 1000 in 2 weeks.

#19 Posted by raven_squad (78438 posts) -
It varies. Last month I made like 500 posts, the month before that closer to 2,000. Used to be significantly more then that like a year ago. :P
#20 Posted by kitty (115049 posts) -
No clue, I just signed up yesterday, so give me another 29 days. :P
#21 Posted by Omni-Slash (54450 posts) -
averaging out roughly 10 years....with roughly another 13,000 posts I lost on the new account....roughly about 530 a month...though I've slowed down quite a bit in my old age...
#22 Posted by maheo30 (5102 posts) -
I was gone for a long time due to friends being banned for their religious views. So it would be zero a month. We'll see after a month has passed if I'm still here.
#23 Posted by FragStains (20668 posts) -
Last few months, about one or two posts/month. C'mon guys. Let's step it up.
#24 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29936 posts) -
I've averaged about 600 posts a month since joining here, so about 20 posts a day. :P
#25 Posted by guildclaws (7907 posts) -

200-500 per month

#26 Posted by Kcube (25389 posts) -

Maybe 200 or 300.

Would like to post more but I never have the time now.

#27 Posted by CHOASXIII (14648 posts) -

That I do not know. If I had to guess maybe somewhere around 100 posts or something. Idk.

#28 Posted by chessmaster1989 (29936 posts) -
I was gone for a long time due to friends being banned for their religious views. So it would be zero a month. We'll see after a month has passed if I'm still here. maheo30
Nope, they got banned for violating ToU (either severely or repeatedly). No great loss there.
#29 Posted by raynimrod (6857 posts) -

Nowhere near as many as I used to. Some months it would be hundreds - others, barely anything. I've probably only made about 30 or 40 posts this last month, if that.

#30 Posted by Gamingclone (5224 posts) -

Maybe a hundred... hundredfifty. Something like that.

#31 Posted by DarthSatan (4607 posts) -

Oh around 50-100.

#32 Posted by Kcube (25389 posts) -

Oh around 50-100.


He said a month not the last 6 years >_>


#33 Posted by DarthSatan (4607 posts) -


Oh around 50-100.


He said a month not the last 6 years >_>


Oh Burn!

Seriously though, I have been more active lately.

#34 Posted by sonicare (53658 posts) -

I've been here 7 years and have a little under 44k posts, you can do the math as I am lazy. Think it averages to about 500 posts/month. Pathetic, I know, but what can i say.

#35 Posted by yokofox33 (30488 posts) -

I really don't know. Probably between 500 and 1000 posts.

#36 Posted by Allicrombie (25580 posts) -
not quite sure.
#37 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -

I have got a little bit over 260 posts a month. Not too bad.

#38 Posted by scorch-62 (29741 posts) -
I don't pay attention to my post count anymore.
#39 Posted by sandlot76 (53267 posts) -

[QUOTE="DarthSatan"]Oh around 50-100.Kcube
He said a month not the last 6 years >_>

:lol: :lol: :lol:

#40 Posted by Allicrombie (25580 posts) -
Since I started posting in '08, makes me wonder how many I'd have if I'd been posting since '02, when I started coming here.
#41 Posted by Wolls (19119 posts) -
I'm not sure but it seems that ive been on 18000 for a long time now
#42 Posted by mitu123 (154668 posts) -

I lost count...

#43 Posted by flordeceres (4662 posts) -

I dunno man 5 a month if that much? will never reach 10k even if I try

#44 Posted by Aux99 (1689 posts) -

Not very much

#45 Posted by arad96 (7728 posts) -

After doing the math, I make about 269 posts a month.

#46 Posted by trick_man01 (11440 posts) -
According to my quick math I do about 113.5 posts a month.
#47 Posted by fastesttruck (25353 posts) -
[QUOTE="topsemag55"] *waits for fastesttruck to post a huge number*

May 2008 was my best which was 10K. Now days it depends. Right now I think I'm around 3K since July sixth. Safe number to go with is prob anywhere from 2500-4000 a month when I'm around.
#48 Posted by parkurtommo (28073 posts) -

About 750

#49 Posted by Dystopian-X (8997 posts) -

I'm afraid I couldn't fill my monthly post quota for the GS gods the past few months


I am back in the saddle now.

[spoiler] Also THE LEFT. [/spoiler]


#50 Posted by quatoe (6019 posts) -

No idea. Maybe like 100-200.