How many pubescent teens does this guy keep in his basement?

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What da fvck is this?:! This Patrice Wilson guy makes the best adverts for abortion I've ever seen.
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I blame videogames.

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Must be GTA's fault.
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This is probably the most idiotic and absurd videos I've ever seen.
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I thought this was going to be about where we ejaculate our sperm after masturbation.

I thought the title said "How many pubescent teens do you guys keep in your basement".

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Audio Terrorism

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Well at least it's got about 7 times as many dislikes as likes. That gives me some faint glimmer of hope for humanity.

Love the first comment: "See, this is why you beat your kids." :)

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Lol, candy drug dealer.

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that was somehow worsethan Friday

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Lol, candy drug dealer.


And Arizona tea sold like beer...

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I want a dubstep remix.

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They can try, but they will never make a worse video than Rebecca Black's Friday.

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The uncompromising emotion of the song left me speechless at first as well.

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Not going to listen.

Friday was so bad it was funny, but the post-Friday songs are just bad. Not funny at all.

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[QUOTE="Jebus213"]What da fvck is this?:! This Patrice Wilson guy makes the best adverts for abortion I've ever seen.

I couldn't make it past 13 seconds. I feel like a part of my brain just died
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So is skip-rope slang for chronic?
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Time to snort some pixie sticks.
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I blame videogames.


Which one?

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I blame videogames.


Which one?

Grand Theft Scooter: Playground

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for a sec I was wondering if it were a satire piece, I mean it had kids drinking Arizona iced tea out of a paper bag, and kid selling candy on the side of the street like it were crack, but that was about as edgy as it got, yeah it's horrible stuff
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Patrice Wilson is the Tommy Wiseau of music. He is now a legend. PW should work with TW in a upcoming oscar worthy film.

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Garbage... If it wasn't bad enough having older teens indulging in that junk now they gotta brain wash the 8 year olds.

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I'm gonna snort some pixie stix and drink a fifth of Arizona ice tea while running from my enemies.

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Youtube KMX.

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I'm saying right now, that is 110% better than Rebecca Black, Thanksgiving song, or even the oldschool "video games" kids.
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And I thought the the guy who put Rebecca Black on YouTube was a moron.
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welp... about time for ionusx to go end his life with a neumatic nail gun. that has to be the 2nd worst thing ive seen on the internet in the past two weeks

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Actually that wasen't half bad. While the symbolism of drugs was not the greatest of ideas; seems meaningless to actively hate this video/song.

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