How many of your grandparents are still alive?

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Poll: How many of your grandparents are still alive? (47 votes)

All 4 are still alive (Total: 4) 6%
My Mom's parents are still alive but only my grandmother is still alive from my Dad's (Total: 3) 9%
My Mom's parents are still alive but only my grandfather is still alive from my Dad's (Total: 3) 0%
My Dad's parents are still alive, but only my grandmother is still alive from my Mom's (Total: 3) 2%
My Dad's parents are still alive, but only my grandfather is still alive from my Mom's (Total: 3) 6%
My Mom's parents are alive but my Dad's parents are dead...(Total: 2) 13%
My Dad's parents are still alive but my Mom's parents are dead...(Total: 2) 0%
One of each from my Mom and Dad's side is still alive..(Total: 2) 6%
Only 1 is still alive from my Dad's side..(Total: 1) 13%
Only 1 is still alive from my Mom's side..(Total: 1) 11%
All 4 of them have passed =( 34%

naturally if all 4 are alive you must be at least 22 or younger. only 2 are surviving from my side. but let's see if anyone actually has all 4 of theirs still kicking!

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down to 1 left..

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All grandparents and three great-grandparents.

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My maternal grandparents are still alive. I don't know about my paternal grandparents.

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"naturally if all 4 are alive you must be at least 22 or younger."

what? :/

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Including my dad, no direct relations left on his side.

My mum and both her parents are still around.

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My maternal grandparents are still alive, and my paternal grandma is alive, but my paternal grandfather is dead. :(

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25 and all three of mine are alive.

To clear that up, both on my Dad's side are alive. On my Mum's side, she doesn't know her Dad. He and my Grandma fell out when my Mum wasn't even 1, and he tried to take my Mum away with him, but my great granddad stopped him. That is all we have ever gotten out of them about it, we don't even know the mans name, or if he's alive or dead. There is part of me that would like to know more, but that really is between my Mother and Grandma and if my Mum chooses to respect her mothers wishes and not go into it, then I don't feel it's my place to pry into it.

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@Storm_Marine said:

"naturally if all 4 are alive you must be at least 22 or younger."

what? :/

He doesn't understand how young a lot of people have kids these days. I've got a friend who's 22, and all 4 of her grandparents are still alive (and only in their 60s) and she even has like 5 out of 8 great-grandparents left.

As for me, my family hasn't been having kids that early. I'm 24 and all four of my grandparents are dead, the last one died about 5 years ago, and every one of my great-grandparents had been dead for a decade before I was even born.

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I only grew up knowing one, and she died back in 2003.

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1, my grandma from my dads side.

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Just my grandma from my mom's side.

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My mom's mom is left.She's 75 ,seriously ill, both mentally and physically .Poor old woman.Back in the day I was her most beloved grandchild, but now she doesn't recognize me anymore.I already feel sorrowful for her.

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All my grandparents have died, I never got to know any of them, they wanted nothing to do with me due to my mum and dad getting together, my mum being English and my dad being Scottish. The only one who didn't turn their backs on my parents was my grandmother on my mum's side, she died when my mum was 11 years old, cancer.

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Both of my grandparents on my mom's side are alive, but getting pretty old. My paternal grandmother died when I was 2 or 3, and my paternal grandfather died in 2012.

But I suppose that's okay, I love my boyfriend's grandma like my own, I actually feel closer to her than my actual grandparents.

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both Grandmas are alive. both Grandpas are dead. Grandpa on my dads side, died of an aneurism in '07. dont really know too much about my grandpa on my moms side. he left my grandma though. im pretty sure hes dead.

i also have a great Grandma that is still alive. shes in her upper 90s and lives in a nursing home. memory is starting to go.

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Somebody needs to show TC that picture of the youngest grandparents ever. >_>

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My moms parents are still alive. My dads parents both passed within a few months of each other.

My maternal great-grandmother is still alive.

That be all.

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I didn't lose my first grandparent until I was 26, and then they passed in rapid succession. They're all gone, now. :-(

Two of my great-grandmothers lived until I was a teenager.

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Oh gosh they all passed on some time ago.

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20 years old and 3 are still alive. The only one who's die was my Grandpa, on my father's side. Happened when I was 5 or so.

Not sure how long my mother's parents will last though. Hopefully for a while longer, but they aren't doing too well. My Grandma's basically breaking down (hard to explain; a lot of things), while my Grandpa's suffering from Alzheimer's. A very sad sight.

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2, both of my paternal grandparents. They're both in their 80s. My grandfather probably only has a few years left, as his health is slowly leaving him. Both of my grandmother's parents lived until the age of 95 though, so I think she'll be around for a while longer.

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All 4 of them(I'm 20). On my father's side they're about 87, on my mother's 78. They are all fine thankfully. :)

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My mums Mum is still alive.

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All four passed on. Never knew either of my grandfathers.

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Only ever knew my maternal grandmother and she passed away when I was 5.

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Zero. There are no more Grandparents for me now.

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All 4 are dead with the last one dying in 2012 and I'm 22 :(

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Only my 2 grand moms are still alive.

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@deeliman said:

Only my 2 grand moms are still alive.

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None. Thankfully the nicest lived the longest though.

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None. They are all dead.

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My last one passed away in the early 2000's.

Of course I'm almost 34 and my mother had me later in life in her early 30's.

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Lost my last one last year.

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All four are dead. My two grandfather's died before I was born and both of my grandmothers died before I was 15. My mom lost her dad when she was 9.

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Two from my dad's side and one from my mom's side.

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My Dad's parents are still alive, but only my grandfather is still alive from my Mom's

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Biologically speaking, none. My mothers father passed when she was a teenager. My grandma remarried and stayed with him until she died a few years back. That man is my granddad as far as I'm concerned, and he's the only one still alive.

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Father of my father and mother of my mother are the ones that still live.

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Only my dad's mother is still alive. However, her health is deteriorating from dementia.

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Both my mom's parents are alive. My dad's mom died a couple years ago. My dad's dad died like 15 years ago.

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None. Paternal grandfather died circa 1970 from suicide, maternal grandfather from lung cancer in 1965. Both maternal grandmothers died in 2006 from lung cancer.

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3 are alive, lost my granddad before I was even born. Sad. But everyone else is all good.

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Never met them and they are all dead.

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None on my side, and only one on my GF's side.

My dad's mom died young.