How many bottles of water do you drink?

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#1 Posted by slamminjammin69 (1599 posts) -

For me I drink like 3-4 bottles of water.

Water, milk and tea are supposed to be good for you anyway more than pop/soda

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#2 Posted by KiIIyou (27180 posts) -
I like to have around a gallon a day.
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#3 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48978 posts) -
None, I'm not a water drinker. Fruit Juice all the way.
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#4 Posted by ninjastar (9589 posts) -

I drank one today.

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#5 Posted by Jackboot343 (2574 posts) -

I'm on my third one right now

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#6 Posted by IdioticIcarus (2167 posts) -

Bottles? I'm not sure. But I drink about a gallon and a half every day.

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#7 Posted by Ace6301 (21389 posts) -
Probably 4 or 5 glasses? Tap water here is of pretty high quality so I don't see why I'd waste money on bottled.
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#8 Posted by Optical_Order (5100 posts) -

Bottled water is a waste of money and has negative env. impacts.

But ~3 glasses a day.

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#9 Posted by 1PMrFister (3134 posts) -
I have a bottle of Propel water by my bed at night, in case I wake up thirsty, so I guess at least one bottle a day.
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#10 Posted by soulless4now (41386 posts) -

I had half a bottle today.

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#11 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

Haven't had a reason to buy a bottle of water in years. I use my 32oz

32%20Ounce%20Wide%20Mouth-2.jpg. I try to go through at least 3 of these a day. Reduce, reuse and all.

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#12 Posted by thegerg (17984 posts) -
How ever many I want.
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#13 Posted by Legend002 (13061 posts) -

4-5 depending on my diet.

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#14 Posted by johnd13 (8844 posts) -

About 7 glasses each day.

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#15 Posted by WiiCubeM1 (4735 posts) -

I don't drink bottled water very often. Maybe 1-2 a month. I usually drink from the tap (filtered, of course).

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#16 Posted by ZEYAAM898 (1921 posts) -
i drink both bottle water and tap water 1 bottle and ~ 3 glasses everyday.
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#17 Posted by Los9090 (7288 posts) -
Drink out of a Nalgene and glasses. Screw bottled water!!!!
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#18 Posted by Angie7F (1175 posts) -

About 2 liters a day.

usually just water, not tea or soda.

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#19 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

A day? Usually 5-6 bottles.

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#20 Posted by Blueresident87 (5606 posts) -

Around a gallon a day, sometimes more.