How long have you been on Gamespot forums now?

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Poll: How long have you been on Gamespot forums now? (53 votes)

less than 1 month (New Generation) 2%
1 month - 6 months (New Generation) 4%
6 months - 1 year (New Generation) 2%
1-2 years (New Generation) 2%
2-4 years (3rd Generation) 13%
4-5 years (3rd Generation) 8%
5-6 years (2nd Generation) 9%
7-9 years (2nd Generation) 21%
10-13 years (1st Generation) 36%
13-14 years (1st Generation) 2%
14-15 years (1st Generation) 0%
15+ years (Old School Generation) 2%

let's see if anyone's been here since the beginning

#1 Posted by marcheegsr (2431 posts) -

Been a member for about 10 years but didn't frequent the forums until the last 2 years.

#2 Posted by gunslinger024 (326 posts) -

Been a member for two, been browsing for seven...

#3 Posted by chaoscougar1 (36703 posts) -

Been here 9

#4 Edited by konvikt_17 (22108 posts) -

coming up on my 6th year anniversary in 4 days.

#5 Posted by Ring_of_fire (15620 posts) -

10 years, almost 11

#6 Posted by wis3boi (30904 posts) -

about 10, but didnt really start posting until about 2005

#7 Posted by Celldrax (14532 posts) -

This account is now a bit over 8 years old.

#8 Posted by osirisx3 (1706 posts) -

i joined back in 1886

#9 Posted by -TheSecondSign- (9155 posts) -

I think this account is about 7 years old. I didn't post here for a long time after leaving home. I used to be on here all the time.

Boards were better back then.

#10 Posted by ferrari2001 (16677 posts) -

I've been a member since '08 but I have another account since '06. That would make it close to 8 years then.

#11 Posted by BranKetra (47517 posts) -

Come sometime during July 2014, I will have been here for eight years.

#12 Posted by k2theswiss (16598 posts) -

remember joining when got need 4 speed most wanted. so 05 or 06.

#13 Posted by Master_Live (13636 posts) -

10 years this August.

#14 Posted by br0kenrabbit (12681 posts) -

10 years this August.

Same. Though I was on before it merged with GS.

#15 Posted by Iszdope (9424 posts) -

8 years in May.

#16 Posted by WaxItYourself (11 posts) -

I've been a member since before I got my original X-Box. Not sure how long ago that was but I would guess about 10 or so. I had to create a new account recently though as I haven;t been on in years.

#17 Posted by GazaAli (22491 posts) -

5-6 years I think. Wow that's a long time now that I think about it.

#18 Posted by jasean79 (2283 posts) -

I think I'm probably right around the 3rd generation when I signed up. But, only recently have started posting on the forums.

#19 Edited by johnd13 (7805 posts) -

2.5 years(3rd generation). Time flies indeed. When I joined I didn't expect that my post count would reach 7K.

#20 Edited by Stranger_36 (458 posts) -

Joined August 2, 2012.

#21 Posted by LJS9502_basic (149522 posts) -

Signed up today.

#22 Posted by Smashbrossive50 (2878 posts) -

Been here since '09.damn,I miss how the Old Site looked like,it's like living in paradise, how about YOU, TC?

#23 Edited by PiscesChick93 (10687 posts) -

Over 5 years.

#24 Edited by Namgis (3570 posts) -

This account almost 5 years. Lurked for years prior to signing up. Thinking about jumping ship, just need another community to latch on to.

#25 Posted by plageus900 (927 posts) -

I've been a member for a few months now, but I've been lurking here for about 14 years.

#26 Posted by coolbeans90 (21305 posts) -
#27 Posted by solidruss (23639 posts) -

12 plus years...

Get off my lawn!!

#28 Edited by KiIIyou (27111 posts) -

About 9 years of longness

#29 Posted by Arch-Stanton (166 posts) -


Gave up on that other home pc forum and back to G/S ?

about 4 years member , surfing it about a year

#30 Edited by foxhound_fox (86957 posts) -

I'm a year and a couple months away from a decade.

Probably a lot longer than I originally intended.

#31 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16480 posts) -

10 years. Naturally not this account. I was hoping with the site change, I would have gotten my first account back, but nope.

#32 Posted by TheFlush (5419 posts) -

I've been visiting gamespot since the late 90's, but it was called different back then if I recall correctly.

I've been a registered member and using the forums since 2002.

#33 Edited by sonicare (53441 posts) -

Think since end of 2004.

#34 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23082 posts) -

9 years. 10 years this coming August.

#35 Edited by EnoshimaJunko (189 posts) -

I've been here for 4 months.

#36 Posted by Behardy24 (2372 posts) -

Been coming to the site on and off for the last decade. Been only active on the forums just recently.

#38 Posted by transCendenZ (4817 posts) -


#39 Posted by outworld222 (2311 posts) -

10 and a half years and still going strong.

#40 Posted by gkalns2311 (41 posts) -

i first came to gamespot back in high school (2001-2005). since then, i've created new accounts because I was on a hiatus (joined military) and have trouble remembering my info.

#41 Edited by 4myAmuzumament (1743 posts) -

it's almost been a year. dang.

#42 Edited by tocool340 (20417 posts) -

I been a member of Gamespot for 9 years now. But I've been visiting this site past 13 years now...

#43 Posted by t1striker (1549 posts) -

Oh I've been here since 2003, but never even posted on the forums until 2007 or 2008.

#44 Posted by gunslinger024 (326 posts) -


Sorry for late response, GS notifications suck now :P and yeah i come here now from time to time just to check up on things. And I've gave up on my forum, freakin impossible to get somethin going nowadays.

#45 Edited by Randolph (10346 posts) -

Made this account in October 2001, but the registration dates only started being kept track of in May 2002 when the Lithium forums went up.

#46 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (15819 posts) -

I remember opening a new GS account in 2009 after forgetting my old one. But, it seems like they recorded me as having joined in 2010. Oh well. I don't care enough about it to request a correction.

#47 Posted by perphekt (1096 posts) -

almost 5 years, back and forth though. Never consistently on or off. Browse when i'm bored and or when i get time.

Real world has me tied up at the moment. :(
I don't even game as much as i used to.

#48 Posted by XilePrincess (13102 posts) -

I've had accounts here since probably the very early 00s, maybe even the late 90s, looking for cheat codes for games. I joined with this account in 2008 I think.

#49 Edited by Hallenbeck77 (14271 posts) -

It's been over a month since the last post--WAY past this thread's expiration date.