How fast can you type?

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What is your Word per Minute in typing?

Here is mine.

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Damn, I should have put on my glasses, that was awful :p

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Oh my...

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21 WPM but I only have one good hand. >_>

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im surprised how well i did without looking at the keyboard. hell i was even able to type this without looking at the keyboard.

its only when i make a mistake that i have to look at the keyboard so i can reposition my fingers. i type with my first three fingers on each hand. dont even use my thumb. instead i use my pointer finger for the space bar.

not the best typer, but i get by.

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I think I did ok considering I'm sleepy.

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I can't say I'm surprised - I know I'm not a fast typer.

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Fuck new GS...


I would've been twice as slow if the words required punctuation

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80+ without punctuation

60+ with punctuation. I used MSN messenger often before whatsapp was a big thing.

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Not my best score, but not my worst. I prefer using sites like TyprX or TypeRacer since they give actual quotes and punctuation, admittedly.

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Usually I score about 70 WPM but the keyboard I'm on right not is not good for this kind of test so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

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53 wpm. I'm quite proud of that, since I'm one of those guys who types looking at the keyboard and by only using his index finger.

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Mines says 69 wpm, you beat me by 2. Yout ype dam fast dude.

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Not bad on a laptop keyboard. I type with my index fingers mostly and sometimes my middle finger and pinky.

Wait till some programmers get in here, they'll wreck us :P

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99 WPM

I hate this new image system

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Not bad I guess.

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I don't know why, but I expected that the people with high post counts would have faster typing speeds.

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This is my personal best. For what ever reason, I would go into a mood where I would type better then other times.

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Glasses on this time :)

Now it's time to do something productive with my life bye bye

p.s. and I don't look at the keyboard when typing, I just couldn't see the damn words on the screen.

Oh and xmp44x looks like you're champ so far.

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Yeah, I figured it'd be around the 50s.

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from previous tests I'm at 70WPM with near perfect accuracy, but more casually I probably type more like 60 WPM

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I just got 86 words a minute but I missed 2, 94.19% accuracy

wonder if it penalizes me when I hit a wrong key then hit back and correct because I did that

EDIT: on another try got 91 words per minute with no missed words but got penalized on accuracy when I hit the backspace button when I saw a wrong keystroke

EDIT 2: oh wait, that's not accuracy raiting, that's I'm better than 95% of others that tried

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I average around a hundred on a good keyboard (this laptop's isn't the best...). So, one hundred.

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On this horrible laptop keyboard i can do 64 but on my pc keyboard i can probably do in 90s

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This is what I got on the first try and at the moment I still feel like typing fast...-_-

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70 on a bad day, 80-90 on a good day

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32 wpm. I use both my index fingers and always look at the keyboard.

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So it seems that everybody in this topic is either on a horrible keyboard, not on their best day, or type with the index fingers and look at the keyboard.


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Got 32


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I got 42.

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Had a couple of tries, 84 was my best, I average about 80.

Posting the result won't work for some reason.

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First try with bad keyboard: 91.
Second try with bad keyboard: 99

First try with laptop: 94
Second try with laptop: 92

I write faster with my laptop but I spell wrong more. :(

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53 wpm :)

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Still I type "y" with my left hand. Can't get away with it....Typing Test

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74 currently.. i don't really like this format because the words don't flow... so when i read them in my head i'm tripping over them :)

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Roughly my average speed when using 2 fingers (and a thumb). I seem to be physically incapable of moving my hands much faster, although sleep deprivation doesn't help.

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according to typeracer, 126wpm @98% accuracy.

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Got 81. My wpm depends on how much punctuation there is. If there is a ton I might go down to 60, especially if there are a ton of numbers. Usually have to look down at the keyboard for numbers. If there are lots of short words I can zoom through.

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71 but in practice most people will be far slower than they can manage in this test.

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Really depends on how loose my fingers are. I can do 120+ WPM on a good day.

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66 WPM. Would've done better but my keyboard sometimes won't respond to the buttons I press. Accuracy was 86.something%.

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i got 66 WPM

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I got 80.

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65. I feel like learning to type properly would be something useful... but... you know...

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89 wpm. Could have got more, I really slowed down about half way through for a few seconds before speeding back up again