How easy is it to break into a home wireless network?

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I recently just changed my router security from WEP (lol WEP) to WPA2 AES security with a random 64 character/special character/numbers password that equals to about 256 bit password. Is it virtually impossible for someone to crack/hack into my router with a 64 character custom shared key and AES Enceyption? Can anyone with networking knowledge fill me in specifically

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AES isn't even available at 64bit, it starts at 128bit so I don't know what your using.

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@GTR12: im using WPA2 AES , i have a 64 character length password, ASCII

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No router is uncrackable but the main thing you want to do if you want to reduce the chances of some neighbor too cheap to buy their own internet is vary your passwords and not use something easy to guess. Vary your characters to include letters, numbers, lower case, and upper case. The more totally random your password is the harder it is to crack. People who get their wifi broken into usually had stupid, easy passwords like their birthday, a family member's name, or some random word in the dictionary. Usually they're the same people who may set their kid's birth year as their ATM password or something.

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Oops, read it wrong, yeah that's fine.


That's just a test you realise? its called "HackMe" and the characters are only numbers.