How does this picture make you feel?

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It makes me feel sad. You?

It's a metaphor for life.

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wish it was raining like that here.

love the rain.

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yeah I wish it was raining like that here...but in summer time its a little cold right now.

and I'm sure that dog is fine it wouldn't be out in the rain if it didn't want to be.

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I've walked in the rain no big deal.

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Make me feel like taking the dog in...



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was gonna say this

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I'm thinking - what dumbshit leaves their dog outside to wonder out in the road unsupervised? - that's what I'm thinking

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Are you Asian by any chance?

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@HyperWarlock said:
It makes me feel sad. You?

Makes me feel happy. I wish I could go out and play in the rain like that.

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I would love to be in that rain.

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Makes me wish for rain.

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Are you Asian by any chance?


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It makes me feel like flooring the accelerator. :|

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Makes me wonder if a dog has enough common sense to get out of the pouring rain.

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Sad but also wondering why the dog is just sitting in the middle of the road, it's an unusual behavior.

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It looks like a well fed, well looked after dog. What's the problem? Dogs don't care if they get a little wet...

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well the internet has just teared the innocence from that picture, but yes, you can't know the full context, what if his trainer is just off screen telling him to sit? (of course just for the picture, not to get run over or anything.)

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It makes me wish for rain living in a desert.

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There is nothing wrong with being in the rain. It doesn't kill you.

It's quite nice, actually.

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Are you Asian by any chance?

i'm asian

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It makes me wanna punch the cameraman for taking a photo instead of helping the poor thing.

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I want to join that dog in the rain.

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Dogs need to shower too.

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Like I have to piss.