How does the weather make YOU feel?

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#1 Posted by Hseptic (1566 posts) -

Personally, I could care less.  The only things I worry about are travel conditions and the safety of my electronics.  I do, however, kinda like winter nights... idkw. 

#2 Posted by sune_Gem (12463 posts) -

Currently: hot, sticky, bothered and too wam to do anything productive.

#3 Posted by WhiteKnight77 (12018 posts) -

If it is rainy for a week like it has been here, I get to feeling a bit dreary. A flash flood watch has been in effect effectively since last Tuesday and doesn't expire until tonight. Yikes.

#4 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

I just wish the crazy humidity would end. The 94* it's supposed to be wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't like the damn tropics lately. As usual I miss fall/winter.

#5 Posted by ninjastar (9542 posts) -

I like fall followed by summer. Winter weather makes me feel depessed. 

#6 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -
Depends on the weather.
#7 Posted by MissLibrarian (9589 posts) -

I enjoy the various seasons for different reasons. The weather does affect my emotions I guess.

#8 Posted by LJS9502_basic (152313 posts) -
My emotions are not affected by season change. But it is too hot and humid in summer.:(
#9 Posted by Wilfred_Owen (20914 posts) -
Angry enough to punch a hole in the sun.
#10 Posted by br0kenrabbit (13419 posts) -

Currently: hot, sticky, bothered and too wam to do anything productive.


You're just used to that AC. Get out in the heat for a few hours everyday and you'll get used to it. Yeah, you'll still sweat, but you won't feel like you're going to die.

The only times I don't like being outdoors are when it's raining, super muggy (80%+ humidity) or cold andwindy. Other than that, I prefer being outdoors. I go fvcking insane when I'm cooped up. I gotta get up and move.

#11 Posted by Yama (34106 posts) -

It's Summer, therefore I'm happy. Humidity is a bit much, but luckily we've got a pool and I'm all about it.

#12 Posted by jimkabrhel (15428 posts) -

I worry only when the weather might damage our house. We had some pretty nasty hail two weeks back, but thankfully there was no damage.

#13 Posted by GTA_dude (18355 posts) -
Well right now is is 106 degrees outside (41 Celsius) So I feel pretty hot right now...
#14 Posted by AbstractRadical (632 posts) -
The weather has no emotional effect on me.