How do you keep track of time OT?

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#1 Posted by TehFuneral (8088 posts) -

I mean its already 2013... damn.

I can still vividly remember how I spent the first day of 2012.

Anyways I know I won't remember it in a couple of years, Im just wondering how do you guys keep track of your time...

I don't want to end up being an old person who when reflecting back on time wonder "Where the fvck was I during these all those years?".

#2 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

A calender?

#3 Posted by FMAB_GTO (14385 posts) -
Yeah i feel like time is flying faster and faster myself....
#4 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -

This last year actually went by relatively slow. The last few years prior exploded by.

#5 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

I can't keep up with time.It's just too fast for me :P

#6 Posted by TehFuneral (8088 posts) -

A calender?



You know thats not what I meant.

#7 Posted by Pirate700 (46465 posts) -


A calender?



You know thats not what I meant.

I knew no such thing. :P

#8 Posted by comp_atkins (32168 posts) -
eh.. most days you don't remember. i think your brain just filters those out. you'll remember the important ones though... which is all that matters i guess. if you want to keep track of more, start a log or something..
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Yeah i feel like time is flying faster and faster myself....FMAB_GTO

Same Hana... I hope more important events will take place in my life so as to remember more days... Oh this sucks...

#10 Posted by KiIIyou (27157 posts) -
Drawings in my diary.
#11 Posted by rocinante_ (1772 posts) -

i never used to believe the saying "time goes faster when you get older". i remember how painfully slow the years of highschool felt, but these last couple of years have whizzed by. maybe it's because i'm enjoying university way more than i ever did highschool.

that said, i have a fairly good memory, so i can remember these last few years pretty vividly. strange, though, considering i barely remember my highschool years.

my theory is that when you're enjoying life, time goes by fast but you remember those days; it's the opposite when you're not enjoying life.

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The sun.

#13 Posted by MrPraline (21331 posts) -
Yeah, I remember the first month of 2012. Was busy and stressed as f*ck at the time, but now I'd like it to be that quiet. #perspective