how do i get dandruff out of my laptop

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theres dandruff stuck in my keys how di get it out

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Twice a week.

Leave it in for about four minutes, then rinse.

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Head and Shoulders

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This laptop that I have had for years has so much dandruff build it's nasty. So excited for my birthday so I can get rid of this piece of junk that has been around me for more than 8 years. For getting dandruff out of your laptop, Q-tips?

Now to stop the build up of dandruff in your own hair is pretty simple. This is coming from someone who has had a long history with dandruff and I still deal with it time to time.

Eat more vegetables and fruit to stop having dandruff in your hair in the first place. (sounds cliche,I know,but it works)

Put olive oil in your hair once a week and let it sit there for 10 mins or more. Gets all the dirt out of your hair.

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Get one of those usb vacuums from amazon. that should get rid of dandruff.

I suggest you switch a sulphate free shampoo. I had issues with dandruff. But soon as I switched to a sulphate free shampoo my dandruff stopped.

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washing machine

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Use a hair brush

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ask someone to blow it

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@wis3boi said:

washing machine


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You shake that outta there!

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@JustSignedUp said:

theres dandruff stuck in my keys how di get it out

It's a complicated process. First, you have to get Facebook if you don't already have it. Then you add your parents. After that make a post about 2 paragraphs long complaining about chores. Then your dad will make a YouTube video and shoot your laptop. You'll get famous and you can use that fame to get a new laptop.