Horror as kids reenact GTAV at playground.

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Children as young as six have been acting out drug and rape scenes from Grand Theft Auto in the PLAYGROUND, says headteacher

Primary school pupils as young as six are re-enacting drug and rape scenes from Grand Theft Auto in the playground, a headteacher has warned.

Young children have been initiating games involving 'simulating rape and sexual intercourse' as well as having playground chats about 'drug use', according to Coed-y-Brain Primary School head Morian Morgan.

Staff at the school in Llanbradach, Caerphilly, blame the behaviour on the violent computer game series Grand Theft Auto, which sees players take on the role of criminals in America.

Latest instalment GTA V is thought to be one of the best-selling video games of all time, having sold more than 32 million copies worldwide.

A letter sent to parents said children were 'acting out scenes from the game which include the strongest of sexual swear words', 'having conversations' about sexual acts and 'play acting extremely violent games that sometimes result in actual injury'.


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Children as young as that shouldnt be playing the game. Simples. Bad parenting.

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Why would anyone let a 6 year old kid play GTAV?

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As said, it's the parenting. No 6 year old should be playing a game like GTA.

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How in the hell did a six year old get his hands on a mature rated game? It's not even like they are 13 and are crafty enough to have someone buy it for them, and a six year old has no money. The school shouldn't be posting online and blaming a video game, they should be calling the parents and figuring out who is giving these kids M rated games.

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I agree with everyone in this topic. Only an idiot would give a 6-year-old GTA.

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Another case of stupid parents.

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The bottom line for this thread---> GTA = abomination for the young/old generation

I keep telling you that this atrocity must stop,no matter who's gonna buy/gift that.

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This is sickening. It's sickening that Children are getting these impressions, and it's even more sickening that the games are once again being blamed.

Why can't general society just admit that it's bad parenting? There are freaking ratings labels that list the content of the game, and these stupid parents buy their kids the game thinking that "it's just a game, it's harmless", then, when their kids get screwed up in the head because of the game (and sh!t like this happens) they blame the god damn video game industry for "making their kids violent." It's just bad parenting.

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So, wait...is there actually any indication of how many of these kids were copying behavior they saw in video games, let alone Grand Theft Auto? Because the most clear thing I saw here was something like, "we approached SOME of the kids to ask them where they saw that kind of behavior".

Also, it says "kid's as young as 6." What the hell does that even mean? That most of the kids who were acting up were around 13, and then they had one troublesome 6 year old? Maybe, maybe not, but you sure as hell can't draw any actual conclusions from the article.

Notice that they don't even say that the 6 year old kid was ever exposed to Grand Theft Auto. This article seems to just be about general bad behavior among kids, then it's getting sensationalized because SOME of the kids played GTA and AT LEAST ONE kid (who may or not have even been exposed to GTA) was only 6 years old.

This article really doesn't say ANYTHING of consequence.

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its not my fault, its the video game that i bought that is at fault

fucking idiots.

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And hell, it doesn't even say how many kids were behaving badly. What, have there been 100 such incidents, or were these just half a dozen kids with behavioral issues?

EDIT: And what the hell do they mean by "actual injury?" Are we talking about broken bones, or scraped knees and mild bruises?

This is seriously one of the least informative articles I have ever seen. After reading it I still have no idea what (if anything) is actually happening over there. It could be anything from a handful of kids doing normal childhood horseplay, to half the school partaking in a terrifying orgy of violence.

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wait? kids are playing on the playground and sometimes it results in actual injury? holy shit! call the cops! kids are being kids!

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Children as young as that shouldnt

be playing the game. That is simply pathetic parenting.

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I played GTA 3 when i was 7-8 and didn't do any of that shit.

Kids are just stupid and their parents more so.

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How does he know its from that game? He must be a big fan.

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I don't remember rape in any of the GTA games. He must be referring to prostitution. After all It's not rape if money exchanges hands and she agree's to it.

And then you run over the hooker with your vehicle of choice to get the money back. Oh my god, that playground must be hilarious to witness.

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Kids can be silly and parents can be terrible. Stop letting small children play adult games. Idiots.

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Rape in GTA? I don't think so... They were probably just playing Cowboys and Indians - there's a lot more implied rape in that game.

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hmm, yes quite.

headmaster reginald smyth crossbottom making a move into the lead of the 36th annual upper class twit of the year awards.

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"...the strongest of sexual swear words', 'having conversations' about sexual acts..."

This is not something bad actually.

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Only rape that goes in that game is when I win 8 of those 320 races I've done.

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Children as young as that shouldnt be playing the game. Simples. Bad parenting.


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I don't remember rape in any of the GTA games.

I do, and the victim's name is Mr. Raspberry Jam.

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This is a perfect example of parenting fail. Dafuq is a 6 year old playing GTA 5 for? They should be playing dora the explorer or lego wars. Parents should be monitoring what their kids are playing.

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Fucking shit parents.