Horrible Bosses 2 - Trailer

#1 Posted by Behardy24 (3279 posts) -

I never watched the first one, but I find this trailer genuinely funny.

What do you think? Will you be watching this?

#2 Edited by KHAndAnime (13504 posts) -

Didn't find anything remotely funny about the trailer but I've heard good things about the first so I'd keep an open mind about seeing this one, assuming it reviews well.

#3 Posted by harry_james_pot (10651 posts) -

I liked the first movie, but i don't see how a second one would be fun. The boring trailer doesn't help too..

#4 Edited by lamprey263 (23294 posts) -

I liked the first movie, I'll watch this, but I'm not holding my breath hoping it'll be decent. Funny, I had no idea the first movie was successful enough to milk with shitty sequels like Hangover or 21 Jump Street.

#5 Posted by GamingGod999 (2977 posts) -

Yeah, this film is definitely giving off 'The Hangover: Part II' vibe.

#6 Edited by PannicAtack (21021 posts) -

The first one was decent. Not spectacular, but a decent enough comedy.

This trailer isn't promising, though.