Have you ever watched an entire WNBA basketball game?

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Have you ever watched an entire WNBA basketball game?

Here are some facts disguised as questions, no cheating.

1) How many teams are in the WNBA?

A) 16

B) 32

C) 12

D) 18

E) 14

2) In what year did the first WNBA game start?

A) 1984

B) 1992

C) 1997

D) 1996

E) 1994

3) What is the motto of the WNBA?

A) Expect Greatness

B) Expect Excellence

C) Expect Great

D) Expect Your Best

E) Expect the Expected

4) Who won the most recent championship title?

A) Atlanta Dream

B) Los Angeles Sparks

C) Minnesota Lynx

D) Phoenix Mercury

E) Indiana Fever


Which team did this woman play for?

A) Washington Mystics

B) New York Liberty

C) Los Angeles Sparks

D) Seattle Storm

E) Chicago Sky

Bonus) What is the official website of the WNBA?

A) www.NBA.com/WNBA

B) www.ESPN.com/WNBA

C) www.WNBA.com

D) www.NBAW.com

E) www.WNBA.edu

How many did you get right?

Answers will be revealed at a later time.

Most importantly:

- What would have to happen to fit more WNBA into your schedule?

- Would you encourage your daughter(s) to pursue a career in the WNBA if she showed interest?

- Have you ever watched a WNBA basketball game?

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eww no

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I don't watch basketball at all. I find the sport to be boring.

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The only WNBA players I'm familiar with are Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoops and Lisa Leslie. With that said I haven't watched a game in over 10 years, surprised it hasn't folded yet.

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Only those commercials with Lebron.

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Nope but go Chicago Sky!

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No but I do know basketball is called netball in Britain and it's mostly played by women.

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I totally thought "W" stood for white, and not women when reading the title :P

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lol no i watch real sports

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No. American basketball is so boring.

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I've watched playoff games in full. The WNBA needs more super star players with swagger. WNBA and women's college basketball has been getting more physical and rough which is good. But most of those ladies are a bit hard on the eyes.

I know someone will so its a sport is has nothing to do with looks. But women get to drool over male athletes all the time. Talking about how hot they are. Guys would certainly appreciate the same.

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@AmazonTreeBoa said:

I don't watch basketball at all. I find the sport to be boring.

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I've never seen it before.

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Literally never even considered it.

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the answer to question #1 is C

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@Master_Live said:


On purpose? Which game?

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I actually did watch a few games back in the in the 4th or 5th grade, since I loved all things relating to basketball back in those days and would occasionally come across one on tv. It wasn't that bad really, but I do remember it was pretty low-scoring and that there was a lot of missed shots.

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@4myAmuzumament said:

@Master_Live said:


On purpose? Which game?

LMAO. He doesn't believe you and neither do I.

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@pspdseagle: Netball is different - something to do with being unable to move once you have the ball.

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@Master_Live said:


On purpose? Which game?

I remember watching a playoffs game where a lady hit a shot from half court.

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I've never watched an entire basketball game period.

and question #5 has her team name on her shirt.

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I'd rather be waterboarded then be subjected to an entire game of the WNBA.

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Sadly, women sports get very little attention to the mainstream. Aside for women's tennis and golf, most other women's sports are barely registered by the media equally. The WNBA gets a single channel to host their games, the local newspaper at the most will cover just the scores and the standings with very little information about the games been played or the players playing them. There are enough women that go to all the NBA games to have a sell out, but not even women goes to see women's sports.

To answer the OP question. The most I ever saw a WNBA game is maybe a single quarter worth one or two times some years ago before getting bored to change the channel to something else.

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Why sadly? WNBA games aren't much fun, so people don't watch or attend, so it doesn't get much coverage. It gets the coverage it deserves.