Have you ever been followed by security in a store?

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I have been followed, maybe because I gave the evil eye to security cams in a Macys once (they're on the ceiling in a tinted dome). Almost immediately, I could tell I was being followed.

Most department store security people dress casually to look like customers but you can pick them out because they're dressed "too" casually.

BTW, I am a minority but not black.

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I have when I was at the Louis Vuitton store. I can understand why; I was wearing shitty clothes with paint, oil, and cement stains.

Their reaction was priceless when I bought the Alma, and matching wallet for my mother cash.

Here's the exact address if OT wants to troll.

5475 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34108

(239) 254-0456

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Not at stores. But art museums -- yeah. And it's strange for both parties: it's almost as though they walk with you as you move from room to room. I imagine that's what they're told they're supposed to do.

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Not usually since I have experience as a security guard and can spot the LPO's from a mile away. I see them, they see me seeing them and they move on. Not that I act suspiciously, mind you. And I still catch myself watching suspicious people when shopping. Haven't seen anyone shop-lifting, but some very conspicuously sketchy behaviour.

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on one occasion i had a guy, unmistakably store security, (walkie, khakis, tucked in polo) hurriedly walk up to me and in a unmistakably put on, this is my authoritative, tone ask me if he could help me. as soon as i looked up, and he could see my face, he became instantly candid and visibly disappointed, then rushed away before i could respond. i wish i knew the story to his reaction. i wonder if there was someone else that looks like me who brings trouble with them, and he could tell that i was not them, or if my imposing figure lurking about triggered alerts that were extinguished as soon as he could see my derpy harmless expression. im inclined to lean towards the latter.

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It was well-founded.

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No, not that I"m aware of.

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cant say that i have. hell ive bought alcohol in front of a cop without even getting carded.

i once followed a cop(inadvertently) and not once did the fucker use his turn signal when turning.

one of my biggest driving pet peeves. i wanted to jump out in front of him and slam on my brakes and tell him off.

but i didnt.

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I don't think I have. If I was security I'd probably follow me around though. Pretty much always got dark circles under my eyes, messy hair and I'm in that age group that people seem to assume are always up to no good. I do generally dress well though and I have a good posture so maybe that's enough to make them think I'm not worth following.

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I have and I noticed.

I have been followed, maybe because I gave the evil eye to security cams in a Macys once (they're on the ceiling in a tinted dome). Almost immediately, I could tell I was being followed.

Most department store security people dress casually to look like customers but you can pick them out because they're dressed "too" casually.

BTW, I am a minority but not black.

What a shame that minorities have to deal with profiling, but you were asking for it.

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I think,wasn;t security but the cashier acted weird. This Barnes and Noble in Iowa I used to stop at all the time when going to my dads is where it happend. I have never had any issues there, I could walk around, sit for a long while, and take my sweet time with no issues. A winter or two ago, I decided to wear my big ass winter coat into the store. I usually don't wear it, because I don't like carrying it through stores. So i go in, start looking at the cds, and the cashier lady is obviously following me around the cds, dvds, and blu rays. She would in my general area and keep with me as I walked around and made it look like she was organizing. It was really fishy how she would be organizing in the same order I was randomly walking around in. Never had issues before, so i think my big ass coat made it seem like i was gonna steal soemthing. But thats about it.

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I was a thief.

There, I typed it.

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I once scurried out a Sears really fast. The security guard followed me and asked me "if something was wrong". I apologized and said "Michael Bolton song playing." The guard seemed to understand.

Seriously, most Michael Bolton songs are SONG WORMS!

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Yes. I was asked to empty my bag too.

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Yes, in Best Buy. Didn't do anything wrong. I went to pick up a phone, and the security thing is only attached to the battery cover, which someone had removed. So of course, I picked up the phone by itself. An employee immediately ran over and accused me of trying to steal it. I was not, and I know that the employees aren't supposed to do that. I was watched the rest of the time I was there. He has since been fired, and I left and bought from hhgregg instead.

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another instance, there was a uniform posted at the threshold of a gas mart that tensed up visibly once i arrived on the scene. i sensed his eyes as i queued for the toilet. as soon as i left, i looked back through the window, and his posture changed to at ease, he wiped his face, and took a drink, as if having me in his attention was quite a taxing charge.

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*looks at skin* nope, no problems here

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I've been followed, and asked to empty my pockets, even though I'd done nothing wrong. It was because I still had work clothes on, and I guess they figured I was broke.

This happens to white people all the time, no matter what liars like "oprah" try to tell you.

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Once or Twice.

I just leave, unless it's something only that place sells. If the security guard thinks me leaving the store = me shoplifting.
I simply tell them I dont enjoy being watched, and that if they're going to treat people who've done no wrong like they're criminals, I'll shop elsewhere.

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No, I'm white.

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So you just think you were followed by security?

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I was followed and checked out once when going into ASDA 24/7 around 5:00am but I think that was because they thought i was a homeless person. It's easy to think that when you see me in a morning, I stare into space and I got hair like a raped whore. And the smell.......

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I'm Black; I get followed all of the time. Some of the time, security doesn't even bother being covert when following me. Also, Black security guards are often more overt and zealous when following fellow Blacks (SMH).

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No, but I've followed known shoplifters around the store trying to catch them in the act...

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@tocool340 said:

Never followed around the store by security, but I have been followed around the store by employee's just like this a few times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIk0abbYgXQ....

Just like that huh?

*Sigh* No. Its obvious that video is an exaggeration. But I had similar experiences of being followed around stores though....

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Got followed around a Wawa one time with my brothers by some old jerk employee. Not sure what the hell he expected me to steal but he followed us through the whole place even while we were making our drinks. Ended up sending a complaint about it and I haven't seen him since.

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I did at a grocery store. I just finished working out, so I was in my gym cloth looking all messy and wanted to pick up something to cook.

it felt so disrespectful, I wanted to go up to him and say something but I held myself off and he eventually left me alone.

Now every time I go in to the grocery store I just eye him down and he looks away.

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My pants were falling down once so I darted into a clothing store and went straight to the changing room to tuck my shirt in. All the employees there [bunch of women] were like WTF. They wanted me to come out and were wondering why I was doing it. They were giving me an attitude so I gave them an attitude back. I didn't buy and of their shit so why the fuck they grilling me? Anyway that is like the only time.

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A glass picture frame fell over in a sears outlet once. My brother and I were near the scene and one of the employees there blamed us for it.

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Only when I used to dress ghetto.

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It's not the security you need to be careful of, it's the stealth bum sniffers.


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Most everyone gets followed by store security at some point. However some minority people have told me that they have noticed security more often. AND the answer to your question is YES I HAVE.

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I don't know if I get followed or not inside a store except maybe a clerk or two like those at Best Buy. They usually ask if I'm finding what I like and if I need any help. I just answer politely and that's the end of it.

I'm usually more concerned about being followed when outdoors (like when I bought a rock for the wife). I'm conscious of people inside and outside a jewelry store. You never know.

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Yeah. It was a case of discrimination; they were following everyone who happened to be stuffing their pockets with jewelry.

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I've been tackled by behind by security once when they mistook me for someone who had actually shoplifted and ran off from them.

And I mean out of the blue tackled to the ground.

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Yes. At videogame stores, clothing stores and candy stores. It was when I was younger though and I used to hang with people that wanted to make scenes everywhere.

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Not that I am aware of.

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Today,i couldn't find a candle wax n i walked around the store for minutes and this guy was like following me checking if i am about steal something,probably because i was all dirty and i looked like bum.

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I was caught shoplifting when I was 14 but now that I'm a well dressed middle aged white guy the only thing I get in stores is people asking me if they can help me with anything.

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i remember being with my cousin, his friend, and my two brothers, and we were stupid and had nothing to do so we decided "hey lets go to the twilight midnight release at bestbuy" then we didnt know that you couldnt walk around the store, then my cousin tried to walk to the videogame isle, and the guy said you cant go past here. Then they started doing one of the nerdiest things ive ever seen. the manager started creating a formation, david stand here. bob go stand over there, steve stand over there. they thought we were gonna rob the place lmao