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i nearly called it 'that box you put stuff in and bury for people to dig up later' but then i remembered the name heres some pictures from my gs folder that i stumbled across please do not add to the time capsule, only i may add to the time capsule      i got a bunch of screenshots of moderated messages and stuff that are gold but that will just shut the topic down so how about a couple rage pms just for the fun of it, eh? pwqQS.jpg7jtBC.jpg memories... like the corners of my mind...
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please do not add to the time capsule, only i may add to the time capsule cheese_game619

:| I'd like to add that emoticon to the time capsule.

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Ahh charazani
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Wish I hadent deleted the charazani pms
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[QUOTE="dave123321"]Wanted to leave this out of the forums because I still want to give you a chance , god knows why. Saw a post where you capitalized the phrase I Like Older Men and that seemed familiar for some reason. Then looked it up and noticed it was the name of a user here who was banned. Found that interesting , explanation ? I would not have taken notice of this if you and your buddies did not have the inclination to do such "clever" things like hide username's in such a fashion. Also would again like to ask why you and your fellow TDH members want to track me and tops .We have done nothing to you to deserve such trolling. As I'm sure you know by now I was a member at TDH and left because of the forums attitude and actions. Never once did I do anything to it's members to warrant such treatment by it. So again ask , why troll? Why not just let members be and be done with it ? You are better then that and I believe that many TDH members can be better then that. So please stop or I will be forced to take this to the mods which honestly is something that I should have done long ago.Baconbits2004
Holy f***ing paragraph batman. This is as long as something McGeezer or Topse would write. I am not allowed to directly talk about any accounts I may, or may not have had in the past. If I made a passing reference, you'll just have to take it for what it is... a reference that may or may not mean anything. What're you gonna do... go run to Drac? he seemed annoyed enough with the Wonder Twins in rollcall. I wouldn't want to join Ultra or Tops and become the wonder triplets if I were you.... I'd just drop the whole thing.

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lol this one is copypasta but its still good 4p8AT.jpg i dont know if anyone remembers wickosicko but he stalked misslibrarian for a while... poor taste  and aussiepet being discriminated against TLYVt.jpg
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^ oh and a metroid e-married mention, nice is that kid still on tdh?
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Haven't seen him post anywhere in a long time
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[QUOTE="cheese_game619"]please do not add to the time capsule, only i may add to the time capsule -Fromage-

:| I'd like to add that emoticon to the time capsule.

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:lol: Aussiepet is ridiculous
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hadoken should be unbanned.
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Can you squeeze me in the capsule?

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Hi there hado! :D
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Hi there hado! :DShadowsDemon
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Can you squeeze me in the capsule?

ill allow it
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[QUOTE="ShadowsDemon"]Hi there hado! :Ddave123321

Is that a good or bad thing? :P