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All manner of automotive related material can go here, Pictures, videos, etc, News, spy shots, you name it, your favorite cars, etc, or your own cars, It's just basically a Automotive thread.

This will likely be my all time favorite car, Followed closely by the Ferrari F40, You can never beat a good looking F40, i find it hilarous how it was originally supposed to be a low volume car (200 or so) then it went into mass production.My next car that i like after that, Respectively, the RUF Yellow bird.

Nismo Z tune R34 shown above. The ultimate R34, next to the Mines GTR.

Here are some pictures of a F40 i took at the Ferrari dealer here.

Ferrari F40 in the prestigious LM competizione, There was also a really crazy looking, barchetta.


And a random pictures of a RUF yellow bird

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Pretty much, why i feel in love with the Yellowbird, Not only because it's basically a completely rebuilt from the ground up, but it has a soul,

In a alot of ways, it reminds me of the new singer 911, Which is probably the best to come out in the last decade.

The Porsche to end all Porsche, Bringing back the 60's but, with alot of modern touches, but it's not cheap at,

500.000 USD.

But it's hand made, All hand made, Each and every piece you see is hand crafted, from the light weight carbon fiber wheels to the body it's self, which is also full carbon fiber.

Just look that interior.... Makes me absolutely Drool.

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I'm a fan of the Ferrari 420 myself. Just a ferrari fan in general though if couldn't already tell. On the feasible side of things, cars that I actually might be able to afford someday. I'd really like a BMW 5 series.

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The minivan. Spacious. Comfy. Great for long road trips. Customizable too:

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@ferrari2001: I love BMW, such great cars, just love the way they drive, Completely in tune with the driver.

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Basically any Ferrari for me. I really like the 458 Italia.

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Hah car enthusiasts...I only know one, maybe two on this board. And this isn't need for speed. Cars don't come in classes like tuner exotic, etc.

Anyway, mine is an Aston Martin DB5.

A gentlemans car. Not much of us left.

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One car? Lol.

I could possibly name one car from each manufacturer, but not one overall.

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1970 Super Bird, or the regular Road Runner variant.

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While we're on the topic of cars, I wonder why Ford is the only American car brand that sells in Europe.

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Ferrari Enzo

Lamborghini Aventador

Chevrolet Impala

Nissan Skyline

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The Pagani Zonda is probably my favorite. The Huayra could give it a run for the money. In the slightly more realistic range the Ferrari 458 Italia and the SLS AMG are really awesome.

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i wish i had the connections to post some of my customs from midnight club 3. i do not subscribe to favorites. however before i had a true appreciation for cars as something pretty. when ever anyone would ask my favorite car i would always respond, the stingray. they are fun to look at standing still. moving they are too noisy, they stink, look derpy with their headlight out, and break down alot.

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I don't think I have a favorite, but out of all the cars i've owned/used/etc, my favorite has to be my first: 1963 Ford Galaxie (they really knew how to make cars back then).

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@JustSignedUp said:

@Fightingfan said:

1970 Super Bird, or the regular Road Runner variant.

my dad said what a piece of shit car as he walked by my monitor

My dad said your dad has a shitty opinion.

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Tesla Model S P85 Plus

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No idea what the hell GOGURT is on about with the NFS thing, but nice choice with the DB5, DB4 would aslo be a nice choice,

but anyway i'm changing up this thread, it will be the Automotive Discussion thread from now on

That tesla is beautiful, Shame they're always starting to go up in flames, I think they are actually burning faster than the 458 italia Managed.

Also... another favorite of mine, needs no description, if you don't know what it is, ask your parents.

Looked best (IMO) in BRG.

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to keep from disloyalty to a tinier me i must not fail to at least mention lamborghini



and almost without saying; the deloreon

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@OmitName: Diablo is such a pretty car(IMO) alot of people say it's too brash... and bold and wild..

It's a "Lamborghini" hell, look at the Countach, A Lamborghini, should never be understated.

I personally like the VT and SV the most

The 2001 VT was properly just pretty.

I'm abit iffy on Deloreans. But i can always appreciate the bodywork, The beautiful brushed stainless steel. that's just as exotic as the brushed aluminium on the Veyron centenaire