Good themes for high school football games?

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#1 Posted by curtkobain (3898 posts) -

i was planning on organizing toga night, but another local team is having toga night tonight. and some people said we would be "copiers" if we did that. any other good themes for football games?

#2 Posted by wallymartin (12165 posts) -

City, Mascot? Either or both would help with suggestions.

#3 Posted by avatar_genius (8056 posts) -
muse's song from the fifa game
#4 Posted by curtkobain (3898 posts) -
our mascot is a centurion. im not talking about a song, i mean having everybody wear the same thing basically.
#5 Posted by avatar_genius (8056 posts) -
super hero cape night
#6 Posted by Frenzyd109 (2276 posts) -
Our school does blackouts and white outs, everyone wears all black or all white.
#7 Posted by wallymartin (12165 posts) -

Toga seems logical, damn that thieving other school! That leaves you with wearing one of the school colors.Not too exciting.

What's the mascot of the opposing team? Maybe play off of that.