Good alternative songs 90s-00s?

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I'm looking to ezpand my musical library and was wondering if there's any good alternative songs that period? I like stuff like FC Kahuna, Zero 7, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tegan and Sara, Sleigh Bells, Blue October, Rise Against, The xx, Snow Patrol, ect.

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Jane's Addiction, Mr. Bungle, Black Flag/Rollins Band should definitely be on your list.

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There are so many... Bloc Party, The Strokes... you could go a more new-wave route and listen to The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club...

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Temple of the Dog. Although, they're really grunge not alternative, but I don't know how strict your definition is.

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culture club

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80's innit.

Edit: and they was pop anyways.

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Bands I recommend: Dark New Day, Audiovent, Throwing Gravity, Sevendust (probably more metal than alternative--still one of my fave bands of all-time), Soundgarden, Seether, Incubus.