global warming: the REAL inconvient truth

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i think i spelt inconvient wrong-yep i did, anyways.
Global warming is a fact, whether we cause it or not.  There was, is, and will be no way to stop it, why?  Well let's see, during the ages of the dinosaurs the earth was getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer.  Something eventually killed off all the dinosaurs and the planet froze up (recent discoveries say NOT an asteroid).  Now the ice age slowly got warmer to the age we are at now.  The gradual heating of our world is almost if not completely impossible.  It wouldn't matter if we stopped burning fuels now or didn't start in the first place.  The only way to stop it may come to us, but kill us so it wouldn't really matter, the asteroid.  It would most likely kill most of us, but send debris into the atmosphere, thus thickening it, thus allowing less light to enter the atmosphere, thus cooling off the Earth, thus we would almost DEFIANTLY be dead.  I guess what I'm saying is that global warming has always been there, it's out of our control, and no matter what we all die, yessssssss!!!!
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This is news how?
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to some yes, to you no. People are just unreasonably ignorant, and sometimes just plain stupid now a days.