Glitchspot is back.

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#1 Posted by Jebus213 (8916 posts) -
It's been taking me 2 minutes to load each page for the past 4 hours now.
#2 Posted by chaoscougar1 (36903 posts) -
Is back? When the fvck did it leave?
#3 Posted by Jebus213 (8916 posts) -
[QUOTE="chaoscougar1"]Is back? When the fvck did it leave?

I haven't had any problems in the last 4 months.
#4 Posted by WiiMan21 (8189 posts) -

Two days ago my account would log out everytime I visited a thread, to say the least I never posted that day.

Regardless, it's always glitchy and it's never stopped. 

#6 Posted by Celldrax (14719 posts) -

Eh, seems fine now. At least it's been a while since I've had Bonk.....and whatever that other error was called, which I can't currently remember.

I'll take that as a good sign.

#7 Posted by Ballroompirate (23469 posts) -

Glitchspot never leaves, you'd think they would put some of that ad money into making the site better....

#8 Posted by sukraj (23460 posts) -

i haven't experiences any glitches.

#9 Posted by OB-47 (10909 posts) -

My Posting History page has been fvcked since 2008, with no fix. Makes posting in the same forum a pain