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I started subscribing to GameFly on Saturday and I received an e-mail on Monday saying my account was activated and they would e-mail me when they shipped a game. I also bought the reserve a game feature. I put ten released games in my que like they said. I reserved Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and made it priority 1 game. The stock was full on that game and four or five other ones and I have still not gotten a game shipped or an e-mail. Does anyone know the problem is and what I should do?
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uhm I dont know how about you wait a day for them to actually ship out the game?
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One problem I had with gamefly was when I sent a game that was somehow lost in the mail, and the company wanted me to pay for it. Thankfully I explained this and was exempt from having to pay for this game, but I was always afraid that when I would renew my subscription this would happen again.
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I hardly use gamefly anymore, as another posted said they constantly said the game was shipped, never arrived at my place, and then they wanted it back and i had to pay for it :/