Gallup: Mississippians Most Obese, Montanans Least Obese.

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Chronic diseases are more prevalent in the most obese states


I eat what I eat so get your hands the fvck out of my food. And that is that. But yeah, exercise is good for you :P

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Seems legit.

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That's not really surprising

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Would like a study looking at the % of hot women per state cross matched with obesity rates.

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Does this mean the food is better/unhealthier in these states?

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Mississippians need to step up.......and down, and maybe some jumping jacks.

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Makes sense for Nevada folks not being obese. We spend a lot of time it going fishing/boating or using stop signs for target practice.

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Can't really blame Southerners for their high obesity rates considering how low income they are compared to the rest of the country.

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all the red states lawl

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Mississippi has been the most obese state ever since I can remember. I live in Louisiana which is not far behind. It's all the fried foods Southerners eat.

America is no longer actually the most obese country. Mexico has toppled us from our throne.

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@MakeMeaSammitch said:

all the red states lawl

Yup. Poorest, least educated, most government aid, and now fattest. lol

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I see Ohio is on that list. I am not surprised. I live in Columbus, Ohio and see fat people everywhere. I am sometimes scared to go outside. I think one might try to eat me. :P I kid, I kid.

EDIT: I kid about the eat me part. I really do see fat people everywhere.