Funniest Obama impression

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#1 Posted by GreySeal9 (24296 posts) -

Obama college years.

"Aparthied is totally gnarly. It's a gnarly institution." :lol:

#2 Posted by undergroundLPx (641 posts) -

Like with most parodies I was ready to leave a "not funny" comment but lol. "This is us the american people.."

#3 Posted by 67gt500 (4621 posts) -
That was a great impression...
#4 Posted by Allicrombie (25197 posts) -
"Don't sleep on Barry O', Don't ever sleep on Barry O'."
#5 Posted by CycleOfViolence (3314 posts) -

That was actually pretty good.

#6 Posted by Necrifer (10629 posts) -

Ha, that was pretty good.

#7 Posted by sSubZerOo (43199 posts) -

I love the skit they do when the cop arrests Obama after they pull his daughter over with him.