First post of 2013?

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what was your first post of 2013?

Mine was:

Meh. not that big a deal.

i can usually tell what the user meant.

a simple mistake that does not need to be blown out of proportion.


from the It's COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!!!thread

What was your first post of 2013, OT?

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Thankfully I've never had a FB account. Never really had that desire in my teens...


from the thread: So,OT,I left facebook

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I dont remember my first post of 2013.

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Well, after reading every damned post on this thread I came to a conclusion: Former consolites that recently fled to PC have deserted back to the Dark Side because some i***t wrote X720 on an article. Real Hermits are defending PC with pictures of modded games that look EPIC (Skyrim w/ 100 mods) and Consolites have fled to small-sized gifs of PS 3 exclusives that (when displayed in proper 1080p) look like a different game and try to believe that this is running on Dev kits of NextBox. The demo is NOT RUNNING ON NEXT-GEN CONSOLES. It is running on current-gen PC on a new engine that is not optimized yet to take the full power of hardware. I urge the TC to change the topic name to something like: "Next-gen engine running a tech demo from SE"

It was on the thread of a next-gen demo from Agni's Philosophy 2.
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Hahaha mine was

A little cybersex durning class or lunch can sometimes be fun and hilarious.


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I'm back.meconate
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its this one

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dips on the most dearly missed award!