Firefox 25 has finally arrived!

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This is so sweet! :)


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I lost count.

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Firefox gave me too many problems with some websites. I have since switched to chrome.

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Chrome won the browsers war. It's over. And I'm saying this even though I've been a hardcore Opera supporter since 1999.

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I stopped using firefox. I thought it was just to slow. Although Chrome in newer updates has also been getting slower, may have to try firefox again.

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Firefox would just cause me problems, so Chrome is all I really use now.

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Just updated. Thanks for billing us in. :)

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I used to be the biggest Firefox ambassador there was. It was my first experience after IE back in the day and it worked wonders up until a few years ago, it just started acting up sometimes. Not the Firefox that I was used to. So I switched to Chrome and found the stability and smoothness that attracted me to Firefox in the first place. I'll give it a look though.

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headline of that article:

Firefox 25 arrives with Web Audio API support

great. look how long chrome has supported it:

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I use Chrome. I got tire of all the issues with Firefox.

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im considerably pissed. after i unintentionally updated ive had more script errors grab my feet and pull me down than ive had in a very long time. i'll hold hope that its not due to the new version.

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I prefer google chrome, but do prefer firefox's extensions

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I use Chrome. I got tire of all the issues with Firefox.


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I have been loyal to FireFox for many years but I'm starting to consider the change to Chrome. It hasn't added anything substantial to its core functionality since forever. They keep rolling these idiotic updates like everyday. Its becoming slower and more glitchy. I tried it on my Android and that shit was slow and laggy as fuck.

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twice before i have been burnt by firefox. it works very well at first, but always progressively leans toward garbage after each update. if it ends up that this installment of our time together is more of the same, i will write it off. i will shake off any plugins first just in case they are the source of unhappiness.